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New York

The Plaza is one of New York's most iconic hotels that opened over a hundred years ago on October 1, 1907. It proudly sits on the corner of Fifth Avenue and 59th street at the Southern edge of Central Park.

The front-row seat to one of the most famous parks in the world and the hotel's stately architecture made it very popular.

Type: Luxury   Movie
Location: New York  USA  North America
The Plaza hotel building in New York

For over a century, the hotel was frequented by the créme de la créme. It has been the hosting platform of social events for world and industry leaders, royalties, and legendary artists.

The Plaza hotel view from Central Park

Henry Janeway Hardenbergh designed the 21-story, French Renaissance-inspired château-style building with a marble base, white brick facade, and a beautiful mansard roof.

The Plaza hotel facade and main entrance

During its peak, the Plaza hotel had 800 rooms, but after an extensive and luxurious renovation in 2008, the number was reduced to 282 guest rooms and 181 condominiums.

The Plaza Hotel Palm Court

The Palm Court is the hotel's traditional tea room and the centerpiece of the ground floor. It was inspired by the short-lived but majestic Carlton Hotel in London that closed after it was partially destroyed during world war 2.

The Palm Court is not just some made-up name - there are four beautiful grown palm trees. Marble, brass, chandeliers, and a stunning stained glass ceiling decorate the elegant space.

The Plaza Hotel Champagne Bar

The Champagne Bar overlooks Fifth Avenue and The Pulitzer Fountain, and in this sophisticated environment, you can have breakfast or enjoy some handcrafted cocktails.

The Plaza Hotel Grand Interior

Donald Trump's legacy

Donald Trump was the owner of the hotel between 1987 - 1995, and when it went bankrupt, he sold the Plaza with an $83 million loss.

The former president played a small part in Home Alone 2. Trump's cameo was a scene where Kevin asked him for directions in the Plaza's lobby.

Rumors say Donald Trump only agreed to film Home Alone 2 in his (at the time) hotel if he played a minor role.

The Plaza Hotel Home Alone 2 Package and Kevin eating sweets

Home Alone hotel in New York

The Plaza is famous for allowing some of Hollywood's best directors to use its premises for blockbuster movies.

Home Alone's sequel, "Lost in New York" came out in 1992 and was an instant hit. As usual, Kevin messes up, but this time instead of oversleeping, he takes the wrong flight and ends up in the bit city.

As a clever kid, he heads to one of New York's best hotels and uses his dad's credit card to check in to the luxurious Suite 411.

The Plaza Hotel Bedroom - Home Alone 2 On The TV Screen

©20th Century Fox - Home Alone 2 / The Plaza - Home Alone 2 Package

Home Alone 2 experience package

The Plaza Hotel offers a special Home Alone experience package so you can pretend to be a lost kid with access to daddy's unlimited credit card.

In reality, you will pay for everything, of course. But let's not take away from the fun with mere financials, as Kevin's brother, Buzz, did when he found the Plaza's invoice.

Kevin ended up spending $967.43 on room service. Mostly on desserts, like cakes and ice cream.

The Home Alone 2 package includes a gigantic sundae; 16 scoops of assorted ice cream, whipped cream, maraschino cherries, M&M's, brownie bits, chocolate, caramel, and raspberry sauce.

The Plaza Hotel Home Alone 2 Experience Package Limousine Ride

The package also includes a four-hour-long limo ride around New York to showcase filming locations while you chew on a large cheese pizza - just the way Kevin likes it.

The Plaza Hotel Home Alone 2 Experience Package Cheese Pizza In The Limousine

The limousine ride will take you to Empire State Building, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Carnegie Hall, and Radio City Music Hall.

The Plaza Hotel Eloise Suite

Eloise "spoil your kids" Suite

Betsey Johnson is a world-famed designer responsible for creating this wildly creative pink suite. Zebra carpets, cute bean bags, and many toys decorate the playful room dedicated to the children of the top one percent.

No time for the kids? No problem. You can book Eloise Suite together with the adjacent Nanny Suite.

The Plaza Hotel Guest Room With Private Balcony

The Plaza Hotel Marble Bathroom With Bathtub

The Plaza Hotel Penthouse Suite

One-of-a-kind and legacy suites

The Plaza is no short of spectacular rooms and suites. One of the most extravagant suites was designed by Catherine Martin, who is an oscar winner production and costume designer.

The Penthouse One Bedroom Suite King is a two-level indoor villa on the 20th penthouse floor.

The Plaza Hotel Penthouse Suite Bedroom

The Plaza Hotel Two-Story Suite

The Plaza Hotel Suite Bathroom With Vintage Freestanding Bathtub

The Plaza Hotel Carnegie Suite

The Carnegie Suite has two bedrooms and a partial view of Central Park.

The Plaza Hotel The Elllington Suite

768 5th Ave, New York, NY 10019, United States