Dune Barr House - Verandah in the Forest - 19th Century Colonial Bungalow In IndiaThe Verandah  
in the Forest

Located at the Matheran Hill Station around 90km from Mumbai, The Verandah in the Forest is a 19th Century colonial bungalow originally built by an Englishman who no-doubt sported the Nietzsche-style mustache in vogue at the time. Overman or not you will find the surroundings delightful and the location, high in the hills, the perfect resting spot during the hot summer months.

Your room still comes with air-conditioning and is furnished in-keeping with the elegant Victorian style. Rooms and suites are named after distinguished gentlemen of the time such as Elphinstone and the oddly-named Peerbhoy. There are no TVs around and activities are in keeping with the genteel pursuits of the period, so expect to knock around croquet balls on the lawn and then retire to the drawing-room for board games or a few rounds of Bridge. The food is served out on the deck and your meal comes with a “bodyguard” who will chase away the monkey’s intent on turning your elegant meal into a monkey’s tea party.

Type: Heritage
Location: Matheran  India  South Asia
The Verandah in the Forest

The Verandah in the Forest building

The Verandah in the Forest salon

The Verandah in the Forest dining room

The Verandah in the Forest bedroom


Veranda panorama

Tree house

Indian on the horse

District Raigarh, Barr House, Matheran, Maharashtra 410102, India