Treehotel - Sleep In The TreetopsTreehotel  

The Tree Hotel offers you the chance to return to childhood fantasies of the ultimate treehouse. All rooms are situated 4-6 meters above the ground among the treetops. Each room is a unique design with hand-picked furniture from local artisans.

The Mirrorcube Room is invisible to the human eye but, incredibly, coated with infrared light to stop birds accidentally flying into it. The UFO Room will inspire your imagination while the Bird’s Nest Room is probably the most unusual hotel room you will ever see. Located in rural Sweden, the rich smell of conifer trees and the fresh moving river allows you to adjust to the majestic pace of nature, de-stressing naturally in the good old fashioned Swedish Sauna.

In winter you can watch the Northern Lights ribbon the permanent midnight sky. In spring you can ride a dog sled or in summer perhaps you want to try mountain biking? In the evenings you can retire to the restaurant and a well-stocked bar. The hotel is completely eco-friendly, causing no alteration to the environment it inhabits, using only hydroelectric power, water efficiency, and local labor.

The Cabin tree house
The Mirrorcube tree house
The Bird's Next tree house
The Blue Cone tree house
The UFO tree house
The mirror cube tree house
Bird's nest tree hotel
The Blue Cone
The Blue Cone tree house room interior
The Blue Cone room
Tree house room
Treehotel room
The UFO tree hotel room
UFO hotel room
Bed in UFO tree house
View from the tree house
Luxury tree house hotel
Tree house sauna
Treehotel interior
Tree house sauna interior
View from treehotel
Swedish nature
Edeforsvägen 2, 960 24 Harads, Sweden