Tulloch Castle Hotel - One Of The Most Haunted Places In ScotlandTulloch  
Castle Hotel

The Tulloch Castle Hotel is what is left of the 12th-century Tulloch Castle. Many original features are retained in the hotel, like the castle’s walls, the Great Hall, fireplaces, and ceilings.

A long time ago, only a Chief of the Clan or Laird could stay in such a prominent castle, and later, it was converted into a hospital.

Now it is open to the public with 20 suite bedrooms, each one uniquely decorated. The rooms are the hotel’s best feature, offering large antique-style tubs and four-poster beds.

An onsite restaurant serves Highland’s local produce, and a Green Lady Bar serves everything, including Scottish Malt.

This is a desirable destination for golf lovers, as the castle is just a short drive away from the Highlands golfing area.

The conference center can seat 120 people or accommodate a wedding.

This may well be a childhood dream to sleep in a real castle in between hitting a hole-in-one!

Tulloch Castle Hotel

Tulloch Castle Hotel facade and the nature around

Tulloch Castle Hotel reception lobby

Tulloch Castle Hotel vintage stairs

Tulloch Castle Hotel lounge

Tulloch Castle Hotel room

Tulloch Castle Hotel room with four-poster bed

Tulloch Castle Hotel double room

Ghost Spotting

Tulloch Castle is rumored to be one of the most haunted places in Scotland. It is haunted by the Green Lady, but fear not; this is just the belief of the village residents. Or is it?!

Tulloch Castle Hotel ghost of the Green Lady

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