Q Station – Go To Quarantine And Get Infected With A Love Of HistoryQ Station  

After pulling-off the typical European trick of killing thousands of native people with infectious diseases, early settlers in Australia set up a quarantine station in Sydney. The Q –Station housed all new immigrants to Australia for 40 days and functioned from 1830-1984. Much of the area and buildings have been preserved so visitors can experience this interesting historical period.

Ghost tours are taken quite seriously here as the station is an international hotspot for hauntings. Proper detecting equipment is used to measure the apparitions that appear. The tours include ghost hunting experiences and blood-curdling stories of the hardship and cruelty suffered by early settlers and the native peoples. For those who want to eschew the supernatural, there is the more benign Nature Walk option where you can bathe in the prettiness of buzzing bees and the like. As well as these unusual attractions there are all the normal pastimes you could expect from a top hotel resort, rooms with a view, and great dining and spa.

Type: Ghost   Industrial
Location: Sydney  Australia  Oceania
Q Station hotel at Sydney Harbour National Park

Q Station buildings at the beach

Q Station

Q Station hotel

Q Station from the beach

Q Station wooden building

Q Station hotel veranda

Q Station pier

Q Station hotel terrace with beach view

Q Station hotel bar

Q Station hotel restaurant

Q Station industrial style restaurant

Q Station hotel room

Q Station hotel room with view on the sea

Q Station terrace with view on Sydney Harbour National Park

Q Station terrace with view on the sea

Sydney Harbour National Park at Manly

Dining at Q Station

Sydney Harbour boat show

Sydney Harbour National Park beach

Q Station, 1 N Head Scenic Dr, Manly New South Wales 2095, Australia