Karosta Prison - Adventure In A Former Soviet PrisonKarosta Prison  

Unchanged since Tsarist Russia, for 100 years this prison served to brutalize those who fell foul of the Tsar and Communist Party. The place is said to be haunted. Perhaps you feel brave enough to take their tour. Just don’t blame your captors… I mean hosts when you see a cell door open and slam of its own accord or hear the sound of chains echo down the halls. If you are especially unlucky you might witness the ghost of a long-dead prisoner – skeleton thin, just staring at you.

For a truly unique experience, the very brave can spend a night in the cells to experience some of what prisoners might have gone through. Perhaps you want to take some of your friends with you for a slice of real adventure. If so, the prison/hotel has special packages for hen and stag nights and, incredibly, weddings. I can only assume that any woman who wants to spend her wedding day in a communist jail must be completely insane.

Happily for everyone this unusual experience can include tours of the surrounding naval base, perfect for people with a historical interest in the period and it does mean that you are allowed outside eventually. They will even let you ride bikes around the prison… before executing you. No, that was a joke. They don’t execute their guests – I think.

Type: Ghost   Hostel   Jail   Soviet
Location: Liepaja  Latvia  East Europe
Karosta Prison from the outside
Karosta Prison
Karosta Prison, prison guards with Lenin picture in the background
Prison guard and prisoners
Prison guard welcomes you to the jail cells
Guided tour to the Karosta Prison
Karosta Prison gate
Karosta Prison door
Karosta Prison cell
Karosta Prison cell room
Karosta Prison prisoner in the cell
Karosta Prison communist shop
4 Invalīdu Street Liepaja, LV-3402, Latvia