Ufogel - UFO In The MountainsUfogel  

This hotel is so extraordinarily unique from the outside that it’s hard even to put its design into words. Located in Austria, just over half a mile from the Zettersfeld Ski Area, this funky polyhedral-shaped modernist wooden cabin offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding Austrian Alps and an exciting experience to write home about.

The name “Ufogel” is a combination of "U.F.O." and the German "vogel" for bird. What inspired such a name? Well, the owner thought the home looked like a cross between a UFO and a bird!

Measuring just 485 square feet, this compact house is raised off the ground and made entirely out of larch wood. Capable of housing up to five people, this house includes air conditioning, a kitchenette, satellite TV, a private bathroom, and two toilets.

The nearest shop and restaurant is just over a quarter-mile away. Tennis courts and a sauna can be reached within a five-minute walk, and the Lienz Train Station is just over a mile from the property.

Type: Design   Mountain
Location: Debant  Austria  West Europe
Ufogel Austrian extraterrestrial architecture in the Alps

Ufogel wooden mountain hut

Ufogel exterior with the mountains

Ufogel snowy top

Ufogel kitchen and fireplace

Ufogel mirror corner

Ufogel room with two double beds

Ufogel wooden bedroom

Ufogel living room with large glass windows and a place to chill

Ufogel bathroom

Ufogel shower

Gaimbergstraße 1a, 9990 Debant, Austria