Vikinghaug - Norway's Viking HotelVikinghaug  

The family-owned Vikinghaug is run by Tove Hidle and Terje Gravdal. They bought the lakeside building in 2005 and raised their four daughters there before deciding to dip their toes in the hotel business.

With a prime location at the southern edge of Odda in Norway and spectacular views of Sandvins Lake and the snow-capped mountains, the property had a huge potential.

Besides, the region has one of the most famous hiking routes in the world, the Trolltunga ("Troll's Tongue").

Type: Heritage   Nature
Location: Odda  Norway  West Europe
Photos by Eduardo Henrique Scaramuzza

The unique hotel was named after the fearless seafaring people from the 8th to 11th centuries.

Vikinghaug Historic Building of Odda, Norway

Vikings are Scandinavia's most famous warriors, inspiring countless artworks, movies, and architecture.


With over a century of history since the building's inauguration, the landmark building has attracted the attention of tourists and filmmakers alike.


For example, Ragnarok, the Norwegian fantasy series about Norse mythology, featured Vikinghaug in the Jutulheim series as the home of the Jutul family.


In return, the owners, inspired by the Netflix series, decided to name some of their rooms after the members of the Jutul family.

Vikinghaug Reception Entrance

The hotel was rebuilt in Granvin County after the Skjerven Hotel burned in 1892. In 1895, it was moved to Ljonestangen in Kvam county and named Vikingnes. Then, it moved to the final location in 1905 and opened as Vikinghaug Hotel in 1907.

Vikinghaug Porch

Odda was the most visited destination in Norway from 1880 until the First World War. Half of the tourists visiting Norway came to this picturesque town, which paved the way for many hotel constructions.


Vikinghaug uses mostly locally sourced and repurposed materials for its interiors to cut down on buying new when unnecessary.

Vikinghaug Apartment With Wooden Interior
Vikinghaug Bathroom
Vikinghaug Window Lake View

Small Cottage with Amazing Views

Small Cottage with Amazing Views

Both cottages are hand-made and use 90% recycled materials from Vikinghaug and old local buildings (farmhouse, barn, smokehouse, home of industrial workers, and old factory in Odda).

Small Cottage with Amazing Views Bedroom

The 17-acre outdoor area legally belongs to the municipality, but the hotel has rights to use it, and plans include a bakery in one of the cottages.


In front of the main building, you can enjoy the swing chair, and there is a unique glasshouse with an incredible view of the lake.

Lake Ringedalsvatnet and the surrounding mountains

A picture of the "Vikinghaug" family, who run the hotel:
(from left to right)

Frida 23 (studies at the Psychology University in Bergen)
Tove 55 (ceramic artist), with their foster son Liam 6, in her arms
Tuva 21 (plastic mechanic worker)
Terje 59 (youth worker & Spority artist)
Tonje 26 (carpenter & farmer)
Ylva 19 (studies as a pastry chef & restaurant professional)

A picture of the "Vikinghaug" family
Hovden 15, 5750 Odda, Norway