Wooden Water-Side Lodges - Werf Ijlst? Werf Isit? Oh There It IsWerf Ijlst  

In the Northern Netherlands, people don’t drive so much. They cycle the flatlands breathing fresh air or they take a boat along a network of clean waterways. The area is full of historic attractions and European charm.

To make the most of your stay, the Werf Ijlst hotel offers its guests a choice of four waterside lodges of varying size, each with a sleek Sinneskou boat moored outside the front door. The boats are aluminum replicas of the traditional boats of the region and are the perfect way to leisurely explore this fine area of the world.

The lodges are perfectly placed at an intersection of many of the local waterways leaving the whole of the historic Friesland area open for you to explore. The boats are easy to handle and are powered by a quiet electric motor. The lodges are simple and comfortable. They are built from warm wood and contain a kitchen, bathroom, terrace, and bedrooms.

Type: Boat   Design

Ice-skating on frozen river in front of Werf Ijlst wooden lodge

Werf Ijlst

Werf Ijlst wooden lodge exterior

Werf Ijlst wooden lodge interior

Werf Ijlst kitchen

Werf Ijlst interior details

Werf Ijlst living room

Werf Ijlst dining room

Werf Ijlst terrace

Werf Ijlst dock

Sinneskou boat

Sinneskou aluminium boat

Riding on Sinneskou boat

Woman enjoying the electric Sinneskou boat

HotTug - The first wood-fired hot tub boat in the world

HotTug in front of Werf Ijlst

HotTug hot tub boat

Hot tub boat on the river


Sneekerpad 4, 8651 NE, Ijlst, Netherlands