Accommodation types: Desert   Nature   Remote
Location: Wolwedans  Namibia  Africa
Wolwedans Dunes Lodge - Secluded Resort In A Nature Reserve In NamibiaWolwedans  
Dunes Lodge

Wolwedans’ tagline is “simply out of this world” and it’s hard to disagree with that statement. The setting is surreally beautiful. Red sand dunes stretch as far as the eye can see, and distant mountain ranges emerge through the mist on the horizon. This place is home to a whole range of animals such as giraffe, zebra, oryx, leopard, the tiny klipspringer, African wildcat, caracal, and many many more.

The resort is set in the NamibRand Nature Reserve, a conservation project committed to low-impact tourism and sustainability in southwestern Namibia. Each lodge in the reserve is limited to 20 beds only, which means that you will never see tour buses around. Or even more likely, you will hardly see any people at all. So sitting on the private deck of your chalet, you will easily feel like the only human being in the vast wilderness around you.

Wolwedans Dunes Lodge consists of two camps and a few stand-alone accommodations for the ultimate seclusion. All chalets and tents are luxurious and spacious, with the views playing a pivotal role. If you enjoy a bit of old-fashioned romance, you will love the canopy beds, colonial furniture, and retro décor.

Activities at the resort are individually adjusted to your interests and traveling style. You can explore the desert on foot or from the comfortable seat of a jeep on one of the many scenic drives: from a day-long exploration covering 120km to an hour-long sunset drive. Hot air balloon rides and safari flights can also be booked if you find yourself itching for something more adventurous.

To complete the magical character of this place, candle-lit dinners are served under the starry sky. There is also a bar, a pool, a tea deck, and a romantic bonfire setup, all outdoors in the serenity of the desert.

Wolwedans Dunes Lodge aerial
Wolwedans Dunes Lodge solar panels
Wolwedans Dunes Lodge chalets
Wolwedans Dunes Lodge walkways
Wolwedans Dunes Lodge lounge
Wolwedans Dunes Lodge restaurant
Wolwedans Dunes Lodge room
Wolwedans Dunes Lodge bathroom
Wolwedans Dunes Lodge bathroom with view on the wilderness
Wolwedans Dunes Lodge room private terrace
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Desert outdoor bedroom
Wolwedans Dunes Lodge terrace
Wolwedans Dunes Lodge terrace at night
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Wolwedans Dunes Lodge pool with desert view
Wolwedans Dunes Lodge desert path
Scenic drive in the Namibian desert
Namibian desert
Starry night in the Namibian desert
NamibRand Nature Reserve, Wolwedans, Namibia
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