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Yas Viceroy Hotel – Super Grand Prix Hotel!Yas Viceroy  

This unique hotel is constructed from two twelve-story towers - one in the middle of the track itself and one in the marina with a spidery structure (grid shell) linking them. There are two rooftop swimming pools. In addition, there is an enormous roof with thousands of sparkling, ever-changing LED lights to delight you. For dinner, you can choose from a vast array of 7 restaurants.

The hotel is built over the Yas Marina F1 Circuit, which hosts the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, so once a year, the hotel is Formula 1 crazy! One of the top racetracks in the world, cars routinely reach top speeds of 320 km/h. The 60 meters tall “Sun Tower” is solar-powered and rotates, so you have the best view of the action on the track below. You can swim in the rooftop pool before heading down to the track to test drive the most exotic and exciting cars in existence. Forget your butler as the two presidential suites have their kitchens and top chefs.

The Yas Hotel
Yas Marina Hotel
Yas Viceroy
Illuminated Yas Viceroy Hotel
Racetrack and the Yas Hotel
Yas Viceroy and the racetrack
Yas Viceroy architecture
Yas Viceroy exterior design
Glowing facade of Yas Viceroy hotel
Yas Viceroy hotel restaurant
Yas Viceroy hotel bar
Yas Viceroy hotel interior
Yas Viceroy hotel room
The Yas hotel room
Yas Marina hotel room
Yas Viceroy room
Yas Viceroy hotel design room in black and white
Yas Viceroy hotel bathroom
Yas Viceroy hotel rooftop bar
Yas Viceroy hotel rooftop pool
Yas Viceroy hotel swimming pool

Formula 1 race on Yas Marina Circuit - Charlie B. Miranda

Formula 1 race on Yas Marina Circuit

McLaren on the track - Photo by Charlie B. Miranda

McLaren on the track
Yas Viceroy, P.O. Box 131808, Abu Dhabi, UAE
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