The Proposal Zürich - There’s Unique Hotels And Then There’s The ProposalThe Proposal  

I really want to stay here. I mean, who wouldn’t want to spend the night in a house that is full of a huge inflatable fatman? I’m staying here invites a sensation that hits the sweet spot somewhere between amusement and confusion.

When you stay at The Proposal you can choose the upstairs bedroom or sleep in a converted van in the front-drive - now if that’s not unique I don’t know what is. After the fat man project, further art installations have appeared at the venue including a piece that filled the house with packing slates. As well as hosting the current artwork the hotel features proposals for new projects on which guests can have their say because, as a guest of the hotel, you automatically join the club where you can help decide what the next installation will be. The hotel is currently looking for a new venue.

Type: Art   Car   Concept
The Proposal hotel exterior in Zürich

The Proposal inflatable fat man

The Proposal hotel interior

The Proposal hotel bedroom

The Proposal room

The Proposal van

Van interior

Converted van interior as hotel room

The Proposal hotel basement

Dubsstrasse 33, 8003 Zürich, Switzerland