Zannier Hotels Sonop - Unique Lodge In The Heart Of The Namib DesertSonop  

Experience total isolation in the opulent comfort of richly decorated tents constructed on top of boulders. Zannier Hotels Sonop lies at the edge of the NamibRand Nature Reserve in the Namibian desert. The travel time from Windhoek's international airport demonstrates just how remote this location is. By a private jet, it will take you about 90 minutes or a 4-5 hours road trip in a 4x4 jeep.

The strength of wind and rain has shaped these spectacular volcanic granite rocks that form the resort's base through millions of years. The solar-powered camp's hosts await you with warm hospitality and will pamper you throughout your stay. There are ten uniquely designed tents with terraces. Their interiors are reminiscent of the early 20th century British exploration. Each luxurious tent overlooks the endless beauty of the Namibian landscape.

There are eight standard size double-room tents and two larger ones with two rooms and a living room to choose from. Expect an outstanding level of comfort with exquisite materials such as ivory, ebony, marble, and an astonishing 1920's colonial-style design down to the smallest details. Rolling up the side skirts of the tent-cloth, you can fully immerse in the panoramic view of the wilderness, even from the vintage freestanding bathtub. Do you enjoy writing a diary during your travels? The antique desk is equipped with homemade letter paper to write on and decorated with magnifying glasses, binoculars, and maps that will inspire your adventurous memoirs.

The common areas include luxurious dining spaces with silverware and candelabras, a Cocktail & Cigar Lounge with a billiard table, and, not surprisingly, a spectacular heated outdoor infinity pool. The poolside deck turns into an open-air cinema at night. When the movie is over, you can observe the billions of stars and galaxies in the sky above. And if you want to know more about the universe, Zannier Hotels Sonop organizes astronomy evenings.

Ready to explore the breathtaking Namib Desert? The resort offers a wide array of extraordinary excursions. Hop on a bicycle or a horse from Zannier Hotels Sonop's on-site stable and ride out to experience this remote paradise. If you prefer to sit in comfort, there is a 4x4 jeep to take you around on a traditional safari tour, of course.

Type: Desert   Nature   Remote
Location: Karas Region  Namibia  Africa
Scenic Flight To Zannier Hotels Sonop

Zannier Hotels Sonop Tents On Boulders

Zannier Hotels Sonop Communal Area Terrace

Zannier Hotels Sonop Reception

Zannier Hotels Sonop Luxurious Dinner

Cocktail & Cigar Lounge

Zannier Hotels Sonop Cocktail & Cigar Lounge

Zannier Hotels Sonop Cocktail & Cigar Lounge Terrace

Zannier Hotels Sonop Firepit

Zannier Hotels Sonop Luxury Tent On Top Of A Granite Rock

Zannier Hotels Sonop Stairs

Zannier Hotels Sonop Tent Entrance

Zannier Hotels Sonop Tent Colonial-Style Living Room

Zannier Hotels Sonop Tent Bedroom

Zannier Hotels Sonop Open-Air Bathroom With Vintage Freestanding Bathtub

Zannier Hotels Sonop Open-Air Bathroom With Vintage Freestanding Bathtub Overlooking The Landscape Of Namibia

Zannier Hotels Sonop Tent Exterior

Zannier Hotels Sonop Pool Area

Zannier Hotels Sonop Pool Decks

Zannier Hotels Sonop Pool Landscape View

Zannier Hotels Sonop Pool Sunset Panorama

Zannier Hotels Sonop Poolside Open-Air Cinema

Starry Night Sky In The Namib Desert

Wild Outdoor Dining In The Namibian Desert

4x4 Safari Ride In The Namib Desert

Namib Desert Landscape

Sonop Farm, Road D707, Karas Region, Namibia