727 Fuselage Home - Luxury Suite In A Boeing727 Fuselage  

A shining example of what creativity and recycling can achieve, the hotel owners rescued this 1965 Boeing 727 from a rusty airport graveyard and placed it in the Jungle canopy by the beautiful Costa Rican coastline.

The team cut it into pieces and transported it by truck and crane to where it now sits, gazing out over the warm ocean waters.

Oh, and technically, I don’t think you can join the mile-high club as the plane is only 50 ft from the ground. Good to know.

However, you get amazing views and the chance to relax on the balconies resting on each wing.

The suite has two bedrooms, and although it looks like the plane has made a crash landing inside, it contains all the luxury you can expect from this unique and unusual hotel.

You can tour the jungle and explore the stunning surroundings of the national park setting. Watch out for the monkeys! As part of the resort, there are pools and two restaurants serving traditional seafood.

Boeing hotel

The Boeing 727 was launched in 1962, a smaller narrow-body brother of the Boeing 707.

Luxury suite in a Boeing

The airliner's interior was ripped apart, and if it weren't for the rounded ceiling and the familiarly shaped windows, you would never guess it was formerly an airplane.

Boeing 727 Bathroom

In the back of the plane, the bathroom takes up more space than you have ever seen on a first-class flight. Plus, the shower has a new huge window.

Boeing 727 Suite

If the Boeing 727 were still a functioning airplane with a wooden interior like this, the airline operating it would be called "Rustic Airways".

Airplane hotel

One thing is for sure; there was never before such a cozy interior of any airplane in the history of aviation.

Sleeping in a Boeing 727

The bedroom is located in the back of the Boeing 727 with a connecting bathroom.

Boeing in the jungle

Without knowing anything about this Boeing 727's history, you would think it has crash landed on a tropical island, and now you have to fight for your survival.

Manuel Antonio beach

The nearby Manuel Antonio beach is a prime example of a scenic tropical paradise.

Manuel Antonio

Hotel Costa Verde, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica