TWA Hotel - The Most Beautiful Airport Hotel In The WorldTWA Hotel  

The TWA Hotel at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport is a mecca for aviation enthusiasts, especially those who lived through the times when TWA (Trans World Airlines) prospered.

Located right next to Terminal 5, the hotel gave the former TWA Flight Center a new life, originally designed in 1962. The TWA Hotel has been open to guests since May 2019, and it's JFK Airport's first and only hotel.

In front of the main entrance are vintage cars, and upon entering, you will immediately jump into the exciting world of the 60s.

The former TWA Flight Center has added six restaurants and eight bars with the opening of the remodeled hotel, including a retro cocktail lounge called Connie, inside a Lockheed Constellation plane from 1958.

The TWA Hotel has many unique faces. But the showpiece is the rooftop Pool Bar in one of the hotel's two wings.

You can watch over the JFK platform and runways on the rooftop while enjoying a snack with a Mile High Spritz. You can dip in the heated infinity pool while the planes take off and land behind you to complete the airport hotel experience.

Type: Airplane   Design
Location: New York  USA  North America
Photos by TWA Hotel / David Mitchell / Christopher Payne / Esto
TWA Hotel At New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport

TWA Hotel Building Is The Former TWA Flight Center

TWA Hotel Building With A Lockheed Constellation Plane

TWA Hotel & JFK Airport Radio Tower And Runway

The Sunken Lounge is stocked with iconic cocktails from the 60s like the 'Vodka is My Co-Pilot'. The main decoration is a split flap departures board by Solari di Udine.

TWA Hotel Retro-Chic Interior

Every detail breathes aviation history. The gigantic departure boards, the furniture, and even the staff walking around, dressed in pilot and flight attendant uniforms from the 70s.

TWA Hotel Retro Furniture And Original Flight Timetable

Every travel enthusiast should spend a night here!

TWA Hotel Opening Day With Pilot And Flight Attendant-Dressed Staff

You will find Eero Saarinen’s grand terminal in the heart of the TWA Hotel.

Eero Saarinen’s Grand Terminal At The TWA Hotel

The sleek and retro-chic design makes it seem like you're back in the 60s.

TWA Hotel Lounge

The historic Paris Café serves food and drinks all day.

TWA Hotel Bar

The TWA Hotel is like a museum where staying overnight is also possible.

TWA Hotel Hughes Wing

The TWA Hotel is connected to JFK's Terminal 5 via Saarinen’s iconic flight tubes.

TWA Hotel's Signature White & Red Corridor

The staircase leads from The Sunken Lounge to the Lisbon Lounge area.

TWA Hotel Design Staircase

When the Pope flew with Trans World Airlines, this was his room to enjoy a bit of privacy.

TWA Hotel The London Club Bar Corner

The signature red and white colors are prevalent throughout the hotel's premises.

TWA Hotel's Retro Interior

The Flight Center’s signature Vulcain clock is still fully functional!

TWA Hotel's Original Ceiling Clock

TWA Hotel's Curvy White Concrete Interiors

The Original Arrivals Terminal At TWA Hotel

The vintage Trans World Airlines hostess uniforms are part of museum exhibitions curated by the New York Historical Society at the TWA Hotel.

TWA Hotel Vintage Uniform Shop

The airport hotel has 512 rooms, and although you sleep right next to the runway, you don't have to worry about noise.

All rooms have soundproof walls and windows so you can sleep like a baby on soft beds. And if you are an aviation fan, you should book a runway view room.

The built-in mini cocktail bar is a nice little quirky feature in the rooms.

TWA Hotel Room

Plane spotting from the infinity pool

The nearly 65-foot (20 meters) pool overlooks one of JFK Airport's busiest runways and is open 365 days a year.

The pool-cuzzi's water is heated to a perfect 95 degrees, and there are underwater seatings to enjoy the magical sunsets while the world's largest airplanes fly by - like the double-decker Airbus A380.

TWA Hotel Rooftop Pool Bar

Even if you don't stay at the hotel, you can buy a day pass and enjoy the views. So if your flight is delayed by more than three hours, you are entitled to compensation according to the European regulation CE 261/2004, which will get you plenty of cash to enjoy some drinks and a dip at TWA Hotel's rooftop pool.

TWA Hotel's Heated Infinity Pool Overlooking JFK Airport's Busiest Runway

John F. Kennedy International Airport, One, JFK Access Road, Idlewild Dr, Queens, NY 11430, United States