Airplane Suite Hotel Suites NL - Hotel Directly At The Teuge AirportAirplane  

Hotel planes are a pilot’s dream and one of the first items on a world traveler’s to-do-list. This plane in particular is over 40 meters in length and stationed at Teuge airport, giving you a great view of the runway. It was first built in 1960 and has historical significance, having been used as a government plane for DDR dogs.

Besides sleeping in a plane converted into a hotel room, you can also book a plane tour, helicopter tour, and take a flying lesson. If that’s too scary, try jumping out of a plane on a parachute!

Inside the plane, you can expect luxurious amenities like a Jacuzzi, infrared sauna, mini-bar, and over with microwave. It’s something better than first class, and they even greet you with a tasty welcoming package. Its convenient location also puts you close to the Veluwe nature reserve or Bussloo and Thermen Bussloo, a spa resort.

Ilyushin 18 hotel

Airplane Suite Hotel Suites NL

Ilyushin 18 side view

Ilyushin 18 staircase

Airplane Suite lounge

Airplane Suite breakfast

Airplane Suite kitchen

Airplane Suite aisle

Airplane Suite bathroom and sauna

Airplane Suite bathroom with jacuzzi

Airplane Suite bathroom

Airplane Suite bedroom

Airplane Suite exit to the balcony

View on the airport from the balcony

Ilyushin 18 cockpit

De Zanden 61B, 7395 PA Teuge, Netherlands