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Aspros Potamos – Traditional Greek LivingAspros  

You won’t wake to the sound of your neighbor’s obnoxious music blasting from their in-room iPod dock here. Nor will you hear anyone talking to their friends on their mobile phones. Because it’s all banned. All the annoyances of the modern world are left behind you so you can yourself set adrift into Grecian tranquility.

The location, on top of a seaside gorge, assures you of a warm and sunny stay with enough of a breeze to be lulled into a comfortable and happy state of mind. You will stay in a traditional village house, incredibly restored with whitewashed walls and terracotta roofs. I imagine it is like living in the first chapters of Captain Correlli’s Mandolin; before all the war and tragedy. The waters are clear and sparkling and there is plenty of time for snorkeling and other oceanic diversions. There are many local villages nearby with streets so narrow you can touch the houses on either side if you outstretch your arms. The Greek pace of life is alluring so don’t be surprised if you find yourself relaxing over a coffee and game of backgammon watching the sun slowly arc into a gentle disintegration over the calm waters. All energy comes from renewable sources, Aspros Potamos won the first European Award for Greece for their solar system.

Aspros Potamos Hotel in Crete
Aspros Potamos Hotel traditional Greek houses
Stairs and terrace in Aspros Potamos Hotel
Greek ceramic jug
Mediterranean style houses in Crete
Entrance of a traditional Greek house at Aspros Potamos Hotel
Aspros Potamos Hotel terrace
Aspros Potamos Hotel private terrace
Traditional Greek bungalow interior
Aspros Potamos Hotel room
Aspros Potamos Hotel bedroom
Aspros Potamos House
Aspros Potamos house interior
Traditional Greek house interior
Aspros Potamos Hotel room interior
Aspros Potamos Hotel room with white walls and wooden furniture
Makris Gialos rocks
Nature around Makris Gialos, Crete
Makris Gialos nature
Makris Gialos beach
Mediterranean sea in Crete

Aspros Potamos, 72055 Makriyialós, Greece
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