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Location: Parthenon  USA  North America
Beckham Creek Cave Lodge - The World’s Most Luxurious CaveBeckham Creek  
Cave Lodge

Way before David Beckham kicked a football Beckham Creek was hanging around being beautiful and waiting to be discovered. Now a 280-acre estate, the centerpiece is the amazing cave lodge.

It took four years to build with the outside façade full of windows to let light into the cave. Check out these photos… isn’t it amazing how they have created a luxurious living space inside a cave?

And they have done all this without taking away the rock walls or natural waterfalls.


This luxury cave resort is built into a mountain and is available to rent for your next unforgettable trip.

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge

Do you want to know how our distant ancestors lived in the past? Then Beckham Creek Cave Lodge is the perfect opportunity. Escape from the daily grind that we call life and back to the basics. Well, sort of.

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge interior

The cave resort is 59,202 square feet (5,500 sqm) in the Ozark Mountains in Arkansas, USA. You can live like a civilized caveman, with windows, private bathrooms, a shower, WIFI, and a 75-inch flat-screen.

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge kitchen

It is built in a natural cave that overlooks a beautiful valley thanks to the high, steep rock face. There is probably another resort hidden in a cave somewhere, but we doubt whether it can match this in terms of luxury.

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge lounge from above

The completely renovated cave house is luxurious and has all the comforts of a modern home. The interior of the cave also has excellent acoustics for home entertainment.

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge lounge

There are four bedrooms, four bathrooms, and a spacious kitchen.

Beckham Creek Cave Lodge stairs
Beckham Creek Cave Lodge underground rooms
Beckham Creek Cave Lodge underground place
Beckham Creek Cave Lodge room with bathroom
Beckham Creek Cave Lodge bathroom
Beckham Creek Cave Lodge bedroom with rock wall
Beckham Creek Cave
Beckham Creek Cave Lodge cave room
Cave bathroom
Beckham Creek Cave room
Beckham Creek Cave chill

Set in the magnificent Buffalo River Valley there are plenty of activities to enjoy. The main one here is obvious. Can you guess what it is? Yes, it’s caving or “spelunking” as it is sometimes known.

The cave system runs into the earth revealing a mysterious world of underground lakes and natural caverns ready to be explored.

Beckham Creek Cave exterior

You can also go rock climbing, take a nature trail, and go horse riding.

Beckham Creek views

You certainly don't have to feel trapped here because the house belongs to a nature reserve of 105 hectares. For the rich to arrive in style, there is a helipad.

Beckham Creek fireplace
HC 72 Box 45 Parthenon, AR 72666, USA
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