Beresheet Hotel - Hotel On The Edge Of A CraterBeresheet  

Perched 800 meters above sea level, this hotel sits on the edge of the Ramon Crater which is the world’s largest makhtesh – a landform unique to Israel where water erosion creates deep craters. Despite being located in the middle of the desert landscape, the temperature is cool all year thanks to the elevation.

For something special why not arrive by helicopter? They fly from Tel Aviv and over this craggy landscape giving you a geological view. The hotel’s huge infinity pool is set right into the crater’s edge giving you an uninterrupted skyline that could be Martian in its ruggedness. The Carmel Forest Spa brings some much-needed wellness treatments to the travel-weary adventurer, but sure, you’re not to blame; why not have a massage or scrub? They are guaranteed to be a skinful.

The restaurant serves food based on raw local produce while the bar is a great place to chill. Mountain biking is a popular activity as are camel rides and hot air balloons.

Type: Desert   Luxury
Beresheet Hotel at night
Beresheet Hotel
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Beresheet Hotel swimming pool
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1 Beresheet Rd., Mitzpe Ramon, 80600, Israel