The 21 Unique Hotels In DubaiThe 21 Unique
Hotels In Dubai

The Emirate of Dubai has seen an unprecedented boom of development in recent human history. As a result, the city became one of the biggest tourist hubs globally and built some of the most exciting hotels, but which are those exactly? There are close to 600 hotels in Dubai, and it's not an easy feat to find the most interesting ones. For this very reason, we came up with the following list.

21. Four Points by Sheraton Sheikh Zayed Road – Dedicated To The Fans Of SZR

This hotel is located on the famous main artery of Dubai with one of the most impressive skyscrapers in the world. Four Points by Sheraton offers a unique view of the iconic buildings on the Sheikh Zayed Road like the Emirates Towers, and you can even spot Burj Khalifa in the background. The 166-meter tall hotel tower's legendary rooftop bar, Level 43 Sky Lounge, serves handcrafted cocktails along with delicious food and unparalleled scenic views on SZR.

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Four Points by Sheraton Sheikh Zayed Road

Private balcony overlooking the Sheikh Zayed Road.

Four Points by Sheraton Sheikh Zayed Road Balcony

Four Points by Sheraton's rooftop pool.

Four Points by Sheraton Sheikh Zayed Road Rooftop Pool

20. SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences – The Newest Hit In Dubai

When you thought Dubai could not offer something more mindblowing, SLS opened up their newest hotel. The 75-story skyscraper has 254 uniquely designed hotel rooms, 321 hotel apartments, and 371 branded residences.

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SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences

The crown jewel of the tower is the last floor. Even by Dubai standards, the two pools on both ends are so epic that social media influencers are likely to book out the place for years to come.

SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences Rooftop Pool Panorama

19. Address Sky View – Epic Sky Bridge

It's like the iconic Address Hotel in Downtown Dubai, just better. The location is nearly identical but on the other side of Burj Khalifa. Dubai's newest addition is a skyline-defining 260-meter tall twin tower joined by a Sky Bridge.

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Address Sky View

As you can see in the photos below, it has the perfect view of Burj Khalifa.

Address Sky View Balcony

Spa pool's panoramic view on Downtown Dubai, including Burj Khalifa.

Address Sky View Spa Pool

The two buildings connect at 220-meter height, making space for the 70-meters long stunning infinity pool - similar to Marina Bay Sands in Singapore.

Address Sky View Rooftop Pool Overlooking Burj Khalifa

18. Sofitel Dubai The Obelisk – Ancient Egypt In The Emirates

Sofitel's latest hotel takes inspiration from ancient Egyptian civilization inside and outside. The hotel tower is shaped into a giant obelisk at a scenic distance from the city center. The interior is splurged with Art Deco flair and details of the ancient Egyptian heritage like pharaohs and hieroglyphs. Thanks to the distance from the heart of Dubai, you'll have the chance to see the Dubai skyline silhouette in its full glory.

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Sofitel Dubai The Obelisk

17. InterContinental Dubai Festival City – The Seethrough Pool

Located at the shores of the Dubai Creek in the Dubai Festival City, this hotel has mesmerizing skyline panorama views. But that's just the beginning. It's the iconic infinity glass pool that makes it really stand out. The pool stretches out of the building, extending it high above the ground. The glass bottom lets you see through right until the street level. Definitely not something for the faint-hearted, albeit it looks super cool.

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InterContinental Dubai Festival City Glass Bottom Pool

The rooftop terrace with pools from above.

InterContinental Dubai Festival City Pools From Above

Dubai panorama from a private bathroom tub.

InterContinental Dubai Festival City Bathtub View

Presidential Suite Bathroom featuring Dubai's spectacular skyline after sunset.

InterContinental Dubai Festival City City Skyline Panorama

16. Me Dubai By Melia – Dubai In The Year 2100

Designed by the world-famous Zaha Hadid Architects, entering Me Dubai By Melia will feel like boarding a futuristic spaceship. All the fine details, including the furniture, had to be uniquely designed to complement the state-of-the-art architecture.

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Me Dubai By Melia Hotel - Zaha Hadid Architects Designed Building

If you ever wondered how Dubai would look in the year 2100, you can get a quick glimpse of it here.

Me Dubai By Melia Hotel Atrium Futuristic Design

The Atrium's futuristic design.

Me Dubai By Melia Hotel Epic Interior Design

Me Dubai By Melia Hotel Spa.

Me Dubai By Melia Hotel Spa

15. Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort – Thailand In The UAE

Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort has Thai-inspired water villas with bed-to-lagoon access. So wake up in the morning and have a refreshing swim in the blue lagoons.

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Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort

Do you prefer the sea? The resort is the first to have over-water villas in the United Arab Emirates with panoramic views over the Arabian Gulf and direct access to the sea.

Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort Over-Water Villas

The view from your heavenly bathroom.

Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort Bathroom View

14. Taj Hotel Dubai – The Perfect Panorama On Burj Khalifa

Some hotels in Dubai compete for the title of the tallest hotel tower, and some for the best views. Taj Hotel belongs to this latter category offering unseen panorama on Burj Khalifa and all of Downtown Dubai.

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Taj Hotel Dubai

Taj managed to design a building to have the perfect view from all of its premises. The rooftop bar, the rooms, and even the bathrooms. Just take a look at these photos!

Taj Hotel Dubai Rooftop Terrace Night Panorama

Maharaja Suite bath with view on Burj Khalifa.

Taj Hotel Dubai Bathroom Burj Khalifa View Through The Window

13. Burj Al Arab – Golden Icon

Burj Al Arab needs no introduction. Its iconic shape is known all over the world. So let's dive into some quirky details. The interiors have tons of gold, quite literally. 1,800sqm of 24K gold leaves have been used to decorate its interiors. It also has the world's largest Swarovski crystal ceiling with 21,000 blinging crystals, and the walls are made of Italian marble. Not impressed yet? The duvets are made of eiderdown. These are the fallen feathers of the eider ducks in Iceland that people handpick. I guess Burj Al Arab really deserves those self-proclaimed seven stars.

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Burj Al Arab Hotel

The indoor spa pool spa is set 150m above the Arabian Gulf. Talise Spa is on the 18th floor, offering a spectacular panorama of Dubai.

Burj Al Arab Indoor Swimming Pool

Burj Al Arab's reception is decorated with real gold.

Burj Al Arab Colorful Reception

Around 1,790 sqm of 24-carat gold leaf was used to adorn the hotel’s rich interiors, and more than 24,000 sqm of Statuario marble is used throughout Burj Al Arab.

Burj Al Arab Gold Atrium

Deluxe Marina Suite comes with spectacular sea views.

Burj Al Arab Luxurious Bedroom

Ristorante L' Olivo at Al Mahara - the underwater restaurant of Burj Al Arab. Fun fact; the hotel's two top chefs hold five Michelin stars between them.

Burj Al Arab Underwater Restaurant

12. FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai – The Epicenter Of Partying

FIVE is the epicenter of fabulous living and partying in Dubai. Hip design, beachfront location, fabulous panorama on Dubai Marina, and massive parties. It's the definitive place for nightlife lovers.

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FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai Hotel

Beach by FIVE - Beachfront spa with glass-walled pools.

FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai Seethrough Glass Swimming Pool

The Penthouse Dubai on the 16th floor is an adults-only rooftop lounge offering majestic views of the Dubai Marina skyline.

FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai Rooftop Panorama Bar With Dubai Marina View

Luvya party with DJs and amazing spectacles at Five Palms Jumeirah.

FIVE Palm Jumeirah Dubai Party Spectacle

11. Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf – Arabian-Style Houses & Turquoise Waterways

Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf was inspired by old Dubai, and it's so authentic you might think it was built centuries ago. The Arabian-style houses are interconnected by turquoise waterways where abras (traditional boats) take you to your destination. For example, these water taxis can take you to one of the fifty (!) restaurants around.

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Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf
Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf Waterways
Jumeirah Dar Al Masyaf And Dubai Skyline

10. W Dubai – Outrageously Bold Design

W hotels have the right kind of kitsch, the kind that lights up the fire in your eyes but won't make you sick. It looks overdesigned at first, but you will shortly start to appreciate all the exciting bits. The hotel sits on the outer ring of Palm Island, giving you some of the best views of the Persian Gulf and the skyline of Dubai Marina. Countless pools, a private sandy beach, and an extravagant spa are there to help you escape from your everyday life.

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W Dubai Hotel
W Dubai Hotel Extravagant Pink Lobby
W Dubai Hotel Suite
W Dubai Hotel Suite Bathtub
W Dubai Hotel Turkish Spa
W Dubai Hotel Rooftop Bar
W Dubai Hotel Rooftop Sea Panorama

9. Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates – Winterland In Dubai

When Mall of the Emirates opened its doors back in 2005, it was all over the news. Unlike any other mall, it has a giant ski resort inside. It's the world's largest indoor snow park. So, if the heat is unbearable outside, you can visit the land of snow and ice. Or, you can enjoy the view of this unique place from your air-conditioned room in the Kempinski Hotel.

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Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates
Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates Bedroom

8. Al Maha Desert Resort – Sand Dunes & Starry Nights

Enough of the hustle and bustle of city life? Head out to the vast deserts of the Emirates. Strictly speaking, it's not exactly in Dubai, but considering the traffic jams on SZR, you might arrive here closer than locals to their apartments in Dubai Marina. Discover the raw beauty of the rolling dunes and the indigenous wildlife and flora unique to Rub' al Khali – also known as the Empty Quarter. How about a lantern-lit dinner on traditional Bedouin tables while listening to the sounds of nature?

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Al Maha Desert Resort
Al Maha Desert Resort Private Pool And Dunes
Al Maha Desert Resort Pool At Night
Al Maha Desert Resort Romantic Sand Dunes Dinner

7. Atlantis The Palm – Underwater Suites & Water Slides With Sharks

Atlantis has to be the most famous hotel in Dubai, right after Burj Al Arab. It's the crown jewel of Palm Island and a city of its own. How large is it exactly? It covers 113 acres and has 1539 rooms. In addition to this, it has one of the largest and most epic waterparks in the world. Have you ever been on a slide that goes through a water tank filled with sharks? If that's too wild for you, then you can enjoy a similar sight from your underwater room because Atlantis has them too.

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Atlantis The Palm Hotel
Atlantis The Palm Underwater Suite
Atlantis The Palm Underwater Bedroom
Atlantis The Palm Underwater Restaurant
Atlantis The Palm Underwater Restaurant
Atlantis The Palm Crazy Water Slide
Atlantis The Palm Water Slide Tank Filled With Sharks

6. Gevora Hotel – The Tallest Hotel In The World

Dubai loves to break records, and when it does, it's by a long shot. Gevora Hotel is one of the newest additions to the ever-growing number of towers, and it has taken the title of the world's tallest hotel. At 356.3 meters (1,169 ft), it took the crown from another Dubai hotel, the JW Marriott Marquis Dubai, beating it by a single meter. Gevora is located on the Sheikh Zayed Road, if you like this part of the town, that's another reason to stay here.

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Gevora Hotel, Tallest Hotel In The World
Gevora Hotel Rooftop Pool

5. XVA Art Hotel – Persian Architectural Heritage & Creative Modern Art

XVA Art Hotel is situated in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighbourhood, which dates back to the 1890s. In 2005 the Dubai Municipality agreed to fully restore Dubai's oldest neighborhood's old buildings and roads. XVA mixes Persian architectural heritage with creative contemporary art. The result is a unique atmosphere of the historic environment spiced up with modernity.

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XVA Art Hotel
XVA Art Hotel Persian Architecture

4. Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel – Sleep On One Of The World’s Most Celebrated Ocean Liners

The unique ship of the British empire was immaculately restored to its historic glory. But instead of colonial business, the 13-deck ship is now docked and ready to receive guests. The 215 refurbished rooms and suites are fitted with heritage furniture and, of course, all the modern stuff you would expect from a hotel.

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Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel
Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel Bedroom
Queen Elizabeth 2 Hotel Ship Top Deck

3. One&Only The Palm Dubai – Glorious Beachfront Resort On The Palm Island

One&Only The Palm hotel is a secluded island sanctuary. It's located on Palm Island's tip, and it's encompassed by the sea. This glamorous beachfront resort is an excellent choice if you are looking for a tropical island feel, but you want urban life to be ideally close by.

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One&Only The Palm Dubai
One&Only The Palm Dubai Hotel
One&Only The Palm Dubai Panorama

2. Armani Hotel Dubai – Hotel In The World's Tallest Skyscraper

I'm sure Burj Khalifa does not require an introduction. Armani Hotel is housed in this iconic tower, and it's the only hotel in the world's tallest skyscraper. This is your chance to experience how it feels to live a "high life". If you are a fan of Giorgio Armani's work, you will be happy to know that all details were designed by him, from biscuits to the SPA, everything.

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Armani Hotel Dubai Pool In The Burj Khalifa Skyscraper
Armani Hotel Dubai Interior

1. Al Seef Heritage Hotel Dubai – Heritage & Traditional Architecture

If you miss authenticity in Dubai and prefer old towns over sparkling new skyscrapers, then this place is for you. Al Seef Heritage Hotel is located on Dubai Creek's southern banks. It's a network of 22 traditional mud houses with iconic wind towers, vintage playgrounds, and majlises – communal spaces. Here, you can experience Dubai as if it was the 18th-century.

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Al Seef Heritage Hotel Dubai
Al Seef Heritage Hotel Dubai Traditional Arabian-Style Village
Al Seef Heritage Hotel Dubai Balcony
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