Camping Raft - Sleep On The Dutch WaterwaysCamping  

The peaceful waterways of the Netherlands have long been popular holiday destinations. There is something about calm, fresh water, trees, and far-distant grasslands that relaxes the soul. Trouble is, you always have to leave the water and return back to reality by heading back to your hotel at the end of the day.

What if you could literally live on the water? That’s where the camping raft floats into view. It is 25 square meters of a raft with a wooden hut on board. There is no electricity and radio and mobile phone use is discouraged. The peaceful water and sound of nesting birds are here to lull you to sleep inside the curtain-closed hut.

You must bring your own sleeping, cooking, and eating materials but the gas stove is provided as is the canoe so you can explore the local area via the traditional Dutch waterways. Fishing is allowed and bicycles can be hired so there will not be wont of healthy activities to keep you entertained during your stay.

Camping Raft

Camping Raft sunset

Camping Raft

Camping Raft and canoes

Camping Raft back

Photo by ML Huskens

Poeldijk 10, 2375 NG Rijpwetering, Netherlands