Cap Rocat Hotel - Former Military Fortress Turned Into A Stunning Boutique HotelCap Rocat  

As you approach the Cap Rocat, it almost feels as if you have been transported through time. Situated on a remote stretch of the bay of Palma, this former 19th-century fortress on Mallorca has been refurbished into a stunning boutique hotel.

To preserve the structure's original character, architectural elements, including the drawbridge, buttresses, and ramparts carved into the rock face, have been incorporated into the design.

During your stay, there are plenty of things to pique your interest. You can experience various activities, including water sports, fishing, sailing, diving, cycling tours, horseback riding, or a vigorous game of tennis.

Type: Castle   Luxury
Cap Rocat main gate of the fortress

Cap Rocat hotel courtyard

Cap Rocat hotel courtyard fountain

Cap Rocat suites entrance during the day

Cap Rocat suites entrance during the night

La Fortaleza Restaurant

You can choose to dine al fresco on the panoramic terrace or opt for an intimate meal on your private patio.

Cap Rocat Hotel La Fortaleza Restaurant

You will have your choice from various rooms, all of which emphasize the region's traditional style and provide a private terrace from where you can enjoy the Mediterranean breeze and spectacular views.

Cap Rocat Hotel Suite with red and white stripes

Upgraded rooms offer spacious living rooms, private gazebos and pools, hidden enclaves carved into the cliffs, or a personal villa.

Cap Rocat Hotel Suite El Cabo

The ingenious blending of modern and historical furnishings creates a charming and romantic ambiance.

Cap Rocat Hotel Private Outdoor Cliffside Pool

Cap Rocat Hotel Private Outdoor Cliffside Pool Sunset

Spa Mallorca

If you prefer to enjoy your surroundings, you unwind poolside or rejuvenate yourself with various spa or beauty treatments.

Cap Rocat Hotel Spa Mallorca Indoor Pool

A stay at the Cap Rocat is truly magical and sure to make memories that last a lifetime.

Cap Rocat Hotel Spa Mallorca Relax Avenue

Cap Rocat Hotel Private Terrace

Cap Rocat Hotel El Cabo Suite Private Pool

Cap Rocat Hotel El Cabo Suite Pool

Cap Rocat Hotel Rooftop Terrace

Its unusual location means you will have uninterrupted sea views along the two-kilometer expanse of coastline, complete with a private beach.

Cap Rocat Hotel Rooftop Terrace Sunset Panorama

Sea Club

One of the most breathtaking features of the hotel is the view from the infinity pool on the walls, which overlooks the bay.

Cap Rocat Hotel Sea Club Restaurant

Ctra. d'enderrocat, s/n, 07609 Cala Blava-Llucmajor, Illes Balears, Spain