Chateau Mcely - 17th Century Baroque Palace In CzechiaChateau  

This baroque chateau was built in the 17th Century. Originally intended as a hunting lodge, the chateau became the country residence of a succession of aristocratic families. The house hosted great ballets and balls until the communists took over in the 1940s and pooped the party. The chateau fell into disrepair for the rest of the century until it was re-opened into a hotel that combines luxury with eco values.

It has a zero carbon footprint and won ‘Leading Eco Hotel’ at the World Travel Awards 2011. There is a ‘healing well’ commemorating the site where the Virgin Mary appeared in 1849. Like good postmodernists, the hotel now uses the vague notion of ‘healing energy’ when describing the place; which can loosely be translated as ‘don’t get your hopes up’. There is an amazing amount of things to see and do from croquet to the man-made beach and swimming lake. You can fire up your imagination in the ‘Princess Cottage’, ‘Witch’s Lair’ and the ‘Alchemists’ Club’. The spa is top-notch and features unique therapies using honey and pearls.

Chateau Mcely
Chateau Mcely garden
Chateau Mcely in winter with frozen flowers
Chateau Mcely with wooden animals
Chateau Mcely restaurant
Chateau Mcely golden room
Chateau Mcely library
Chateau Mcely alchemists club
Chateau Mcely Africa Luxury Suite
Chateau Mcely Europe double deluxe room
Chateau Mcely January double room
Chateau Mcely June Junior suite
Chateau Mcely Legend suite
Chateau Mcely Legend Bathroom
Legend bathroom
Chateau Mcely Northern Seas double deluxe room
Honey Pavilion
Chateau Mcely wooden hot bath
Outdoor jakuzzi
Chateau Mcely outdoor massage
Relaxing at the natural swimmin pool of Chateau Mcely
Chateau Mcely swimming pool
Chateau Mcely carriage
Chateau Mcely basketball
Chateau Mcely cycling
Chateau Mcely surrounding

St. George Forest

St. George Forest
Mcely 61 289 36 Mcely, Czech Republic