Chole Mjini Lodge – Better Than LifeChole Mjini  

The paradise island is located off the Tanzanian coast within a marine wildlife conservation site. The hotel is eco friendly and takes advantage of every local resource. The two-floor treehouses are built from timber and thatch and have views of the sea.

The food is caught that day and is fresh, organic, and simple. Mobile phones and computers are banned creating a non-stressful environment. There is much to see and do especially when it comes to exploring marine life. There are only seven treehouses so only a handful of guests are staying in the hotel at any one point. Therefore, the owners have the time to take you out on their boat, diving, swimming with whale sharks, and exploring one of the largest unharmed coral reefs in the world.

There are also isolated sand bars that appear once a day when the tide is out. These white sand eyebrows in the ocean are perfect places to snorkel or explore the sea critters that are left in the little pools. You can even watch baby turtles hatch if you go at the right time of year.

Type: Beach   Jungle   Remote   Treehouse
Chole Mjini Lodge view from the rooms
Chole Mjini Lodge treehouses
Chole Mjini Lodge treehouse
Chole Mjini Lodge tree house
Chole Mjini Lodge treehouse room
Chole Mjini Lodge room
Chole Mjini Lodge treehouse terrace
Relaxing in the treehouse at Chole Mjini Lodge
View from the treehouse on Chole Island
Chole Mjini Lodge The Ground House
Chole Mjini Lodge terrace
Chole Mjini Lodge dining at the boat
Chole Mjini Lodge dining at the beach
Chole Mjini Lodge night dining at the beach
Dining in the jungle
Chole Mjini Lodge gardens
Sea Point Dive Centre Chole
Swimming in the mangroves
Snorkeling on Chole Island
Sand bank picnic on Chole Island
Dhow of Chole Mjini Lodge
Open sea
Turtle hatching on Chole Island
Chole Island | P.O Box 20, Mafia Island 23000, Tanzania