Fondazione Curzùtt-San Barnard Hostel - Middle Ages Village With A HostelHostel  

Situated near Bellinzona, Switzerland, the Fondazione Curzùtt-San Barnard hostel is surrounded by natural beauty near the Swiss and Italian border. The rural areas of Ticino have a rich and interesting history that is often overshadowed by the larger urban centers in the region. Still, those who make the trek to Curzùtt are sure to enjoy the historical treasures and diverse landscape.

The church of San Barnard is part of a historically important monumental group in Monte Carasso. At 600 meters above sea level, the hostel is completely engulfed by the surrounding woods, but it can be accessed by cable car or by foot from Bellinzona. The structure has been completely restored to offer newly constructed dormitories that can house a maximum of 64 guests. The space is separated into eight separate dormitories with 6-8 beds and a private bath for each one.

There is also a multipurpose room that can host 60-70 people and two meeting rooms available upon request. There is also food and beverages available on-site at the restaurant, which is operated by GastroTicino. The outdoor patio also allows guests to take in the scenery as they enjoy their meals.

The main purpose behind the renovation of the structure was to preserve the historical and cultural testaments of Monte Carasso and attract greater interest, especially amongst the younger generation. In addition, the hostel provides a unique vantage point to experience the majestic landscape, cultural events, educational trails, surrounding hamlets, and other attractions in nearby Bellinzona.

Curzùtt cable-car
Curzùtt hostel dormitory building exterior
Curzùtt hostel exterior with terrace
Curzùtt hostel outdoor corridor
Curzùtt hostel restaurant
Curzùtt hostel meeting room
Curzùtt hostel dormitory room
Curzùtt terrace
Curzùtt Middle Ages settlement historic site
I Fracc 1, 6513 Monte Carasso, Switzerland