Accommodation types: Art
Location: Osaka  Japan  East Asia
Dotonbori Hotel Osaka - Giant Welcoming SculpturesDotonbori  

Located in the bustling town of Osaka, Japan this hotel is near to all the town’s popular destinations and has plenty of modern conveniences. The unique entrance is worth a second glance: four pillars each with a massive face of Easter Island proportions carved into them. The faces represent four races of the world: Western, Arab, African, and Asian so guests from all over the world can feel at home as they walk past massive stone carvings of what looks like their grandfather.

Your room has a wooden floor, flat-screen TV and DVD library. You can order a massage in your room. How about borrowing one of their free bicycles and guidebooks and exploring the locality at your leisure? The restaurant serves Western and Japanese food and will even deliver dishes to your room. Vending machines provide snacks and a laundry service. Nearby you can go shopping at the plazas or eat at the famous Hozenji Alley restaurant.

Dotonbori Hotel statues

Photo by Anjuli Ayer

Dotonbori Hotel
Dotonbori Hotel lobby
Dotonbori Hotel reception
Dotonbori Hotel drink machine


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Dotonbori Hotel twin room
Dotonbori Hotel room

Photo by Sindy Nero

Osaka at night
2−3−25, Dotonbori, OsakaChuo Ward, Osaka Prefecture 542-0071, Japan
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