Ecomama Amsterdam - El Cheapo Goes Green & CozyEcomama  

Ecomama's attractive proposal of a boutique hotel-style yet affordable accommodation is the hit in Amsterdam. It takes the best bits of the coziness of hostels with creative communal spaces and dorm rooms and mixes it with the charming appeal of luxury hotels. Then there is the eco-consciousness. Ecomama takes a strong stand in Green and Conscious Hospitality. You can spot their effort throughout its premises. From upcycled furniture to fair trade materials, natural stone heating, environmentally friendly water system, and waste recycling. Green thumbs up!

Inside Ecomama, concrete floor and high ceiling dominate with eco-friendly vintage furniture. The shared spaces include a spacious living room, a communal kitchen, indoor swinging chairs, and a 'teepee' tent. They are all yours to try and spend quality time with your fellow travelers. This hostel has everything from contemporary double bedrooms all the way down to the 12-bed El Cheapo, the most affordable dorm room for backpackers on a tight budget. Private rooms are packed with creative details like beds elevated to window-level for an unusually cool experience.

If you've just finished reading your book, you can get a new one at the hostel's book exchange. Head out and enjoy the city like a local and rent one of their cool bikes for a ride. It's the best and quickest way to explore Amsterdam properly. Ecomama is in the city center, a 5-minute walk from Waterloo Square if you fancy walking instead.

Ecomama Hotel Front
Ecomama Hotel Interior
Ecomama Hotel Upcycled Furniture
Ecomama Hotel Kitchen
Ecomama Hotel Design Details
Ecomama Hotel Swing Chair
Ecomama Hotel Staircase

Dormitory Rooms

Ecomama Hotel Dormitory Room
Ecomama Hotel Experienced 8-Bed Dorm

Private Rooms

Ecomama Hotel Private Room
Ecomama Hotel Superior Room
Ecomama Hotel Double Deluxe Room
Ecomama Hotel Double Deluxe Room Bathroom
Ecomama Hotel Double Room With Brick Bed
Ecomama Hotel Design Room
Ecomama Hotel Room Sitting In The Window
Ecomama Hotel Private Deluxe Room With Elevated Bed
Ecomama Hotel Sitting In The Window
Valkenburgerstraat 124, 1011 NA Amsterdam, Netherlands