Elkep Evi - Fairy Chimney HousesElkep  

This hotel consists of three Cappadocian cave houses each with seven rooms. The cave houses are unique to the area of Cappadocia in Turkey which has been inhabited for thousands of years. Different minerals in the rocks have over time eroded to create a mysterious landscape consisting of what has been dubbed, “Fairy Chimneys”.

The cave houses in which you stay have been carved out of the rock but remain solidly luxurious. Each house rises above a garden courtyard where breakfast is served on the lawn. Your room has a balcony with some tremendous views of the area from the hotel’s vantage point high in the mountains.

Cappadocia reveals its beauty when viewed from above, indeed, hot air ballooning is an essential activity on your visit. On the ground, there is much to see and explore as the area has a cultural history stretching back to ancient times. You can soak in the traditional Turkish baths or you may be lucky to have one of the rooms with a private Jacuzzi.

Type: Cave
Location: Urgup  Turkey  Middle East
Elkep Evi

Elkep Evi cave hotel

Elkep Evi hotel at night

Elkep Evi during the day and during the night

cave hotel at night

Elkep Evi in the snow

Elkep Evi sunbathing chairs

cave hotel and garden

Elkep Evi restaurant

Cave hotel room

Photo by Angilee Shah

Elkep Evi room

Sumo guy and girl at Elkep Evi

Cappadocia view from the terrace


Cappadocia at sunset

Elkep Evi garden

Elkep Evi building

Photo by Oliver Laumann

Elkep Evi dining in the garden

Elkep Evi dining

Dining with Cappadocia view


Vintage car

Snowy view

Cappadocia view

Photo by Stephanie Jones

50400 Ürgüp, Nevşehir Province, Turkey