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Faralda Crane Hotel Amsterdam - Million Euro Industrial SuitesFaralda  
Crane Hotel

The Faralda Crane Hotel in Amsterdam is well on its way to superstardom, even though it is a newly opened hotel. The three suites that make up the Faralda Crane, and yes, there are only three, are among the most expensive suites in the Netherlands. The investment in each suite was just under a million euros each. The 3 suites are located 35, 40, and 45 meters above the ground. This gives the suites a magnificent view of the “Ij” and the city of Amsterdam.

Each of the three suites, Free Spirit, Secret, and Mystique are themed and tastefully decorated. The first is themed after the harbor and industry of Amsterdam as well as a view from 35 meters high. Secret Suite is a colorful oriental-themed room with stunning décor and a magnificent view from 40 meters in the air. The last suite is located 45 meters above the ground and is a contemporary themed oriental room with rich dark hues and tasteful furnishings.

If the magnificent, spacious suites aren’t enough, the Faralda also has a jacuzzi on the top floor as well as a unique activity for thrill-seekers. From the top of the Faralda Crane, you can use the mega swing and bungee jump off the building. All jumps are supervised by certified professionals.

Faralda Crane Hotel in the NDSM shipyard
Faralda Crane Hotel Amsterdam
Faralda Crane Hotel Amsterdam TV studio
Faralda Crane Hotel shower
Faralda Crane Hotel view on the ships

Mystique Suite

Mystique Suite
Mystique Suite views

Secret Suite

Secret Suite
Secret Suite interior
Secret Suite bedroom
Secret Suite bathroom
Secret Suite view

Free Spirit Suite

Free Spirit Suite interior
Free Spirit Suite room with panorama
Free Spirit Suite bedroom
Jacuzzi on the top of Faralda Crane Hotel

NDSM Plein 78, 1033 WB Amsterdam, Netherlands
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