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Free Spirit Spheres – Mother Earth’s Idea BubblesFree Spirit  

In the cult 1960s show, ‘The Prisoner’, a Machiavellian sphere would swallow you up if you tried to escape from The Village. Luckily, these spheres are not the tools of a creepy fascist state. Just look at them, suspended in a web of ropes in the fertile treetops. They wouldn’t harm a bug.

When you stay in your sphere, you will experience a gentle rocking that soothes you to sleep at night. There are currently three spheres, all handcrafted.

Two are made from wood and one from fiberglass. They have adjustable lighting and large windows, so you don’t forget that you are sleeping in a freaking sphere suspended in the forest!

This idea was born from a meditation practice and the spiritual experience of ‘oneness’. To reflect this through architecture, The Spheres resemble oneness and unity with nature.

They also represent a nut with all its growth potential. Similarly, when you stay in a sphere, you are symbolically connecting with your potential for growth as a human being.

Free Spirit Spheres
Free Spirit Spheres hotel, Eve sphere
Free Spirit Spheres wooden stairs
Free Spirit Spheres door
Eve sphere interior
Eve sphere room
Free Spirit wooden tree spheres
Eryn sphere door
Eryn sphere interior
Eryn sphere room
Eryn tree house
Melody sphere
Melody tree house
Melody sphere interior
Free Spirit Sphere dining room in melody sphere
Melody sphere room
Melody tree house interior
Owl in the Canadian forest
Free Spirit Spheres hotel surroundings
420 Horne Lake Road, Quallicum Beach, BC V9K 1Z7, Canada
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