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Blackhouse Village

You don’t need to travel far to feel like you’ve stepped back in time in Scotland. The rugged landscape stretches as far as the eye can see, and life in local villages goes at a different pace.

But if you want to fully immerse yourself in the spirit of the past, I have something special for you: Gearrannan Blackhouse Village in the Hebrides.

The namesake blackhouse is a traditional type of house that used to be common in this area but has almost entirely disappeared by now. The village of Gearrannan on the Isle of Lewis consists entirely of these beautiful stone and thatch buildings sitting on the edge of the water.

Unfortunately, the original inhabitants have all left the place by the 1970s, slowly leaving the houses into ruin. Luckily, before that happened, Urras nan Gearrannan (the Garenin Trust) has painstakingly restored the entire village and turned it into a thriving holiday complex.

Gearrannan Blackhouse Village

Blackhouse Village

Decades-long restoration work involved preserving the village of the iconic thatched roof houses using traditional techniques. The original croft houses were discretely upgraded with modern amenities, which you won't see until you step inside. As a result, the visual impression of Blackhouse Village remains the same as it used to be hundreds of years ago.

Gearrannan Blackhouse Village Traditional Architecture

Gearrannan Blackhouse Village Thatched Roof

There’s a full range of accommodation types here: from hostel dorms to a 4-star private blackhouse. The private cottages are self-sustained with a fully-equipped kitchenette.

Gearrannan Blackhouse Village Barrel

Depending on the standard, they vary in size and extra features, but the interiors are relatively simple. Think more of a rustic homestay than an actual 4-star hotel.

Gearrannan Blackhouse Village Interior Rooms

Each house has its own carefully recorded history so you can find out who lived there and what their occupation was.

Gearrannan Blackhouse Village Scenic Sunset

If you’re eager to learn more about the area's history, there’s a village museum showcasing traditional local activities such as tweed weaving.

Gearrannan Blackhouse Village Sunset Panorama

And, of course, no visit to Scotland is complete without hiking the moorland and marveling at the scenic views!

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