Gyreum Ecolodge - The Giant UFO That Landed In IrelandGyreum  

One of the few venues that hosted an “end of the world party” on December 21st, 2012. Congratulations on surviving the apocalypse, and what better way to celebrate than to visit the Gyreum Ecolodge?

Billed as the most extraordinary building in Ireland, the huge yurt-like structure is powered only by wind and solar energy.

There you will eat organic vegetarian food, take Tai Chi classes, and have some guided meditation. How about a moonlit hot tub? Just make sure you tie back your dreadlocks.

Accommodation is in dormitories, or there are a few single and couple rooms available. The Ecolodge is more of a venue than a hotel and has more in common with a religious retreat center than a luxury getaway.

You are more likely to find yourself ruddy-cheeked in the open-air building of a traditional Irish house with some hippies from Canada than filling your stomach with champagne and oysters.

Gyreum Ecolodge aerial
Gyreum Ecolodge from the grass
Gyreum Ecolodge starry night
Gyreum Ecolodge entrance at night
Gyreum Ecolodge main entrance
Gyreum Ecolodge interior
Gyreum Ecolodge hall
Gyreum Ecolodge fireplace
Gyreum Ecolodge library with glass-dome
Gyreum Ecolodge room
Gyreum Ecolodge bathroom
Gyreum Ecolodge garden
Gyreum Ecolodge botanic garden
Paddle boating on the river
Surfing in Ireland
Corlisheen, Riverstown, Sligo, Ireland