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Location: London  England  West Europe
Hampton Court Palace - Live Like Henry VIIIHampton Court  

Hampton Court is one of only two surviving palaces once owned by the legendary English king, Henry VIII. In fact, it was originally meant for the king’s favorite, Thomas Wolsey but he fell from grace and was executed. Since then the palace had been owned by the royal family although a royal has not lived there since the 18th Century.

Today you can immerse yourself in this historic building by staying in one of the self-catering apartments. The apartments are situated above the old kitchen and once housed the many cooks. Now they have been lavishly furnished in traditional English style by the Landmark Trust. Hampton Court is busy with visitors during the day but you will get the chance to experience this unique place after hours and maybe even catch sight of one of the many ghosts said to appear. The next day you will have the place to yourself before the tourists arrive and you can be first in line for the famous maze when it opens at 10 am.

Hampton Court Palace
Hampton Court Palace garden in the winter
The Georgian House
The Georgian House entrance
The Georgian House dining room
The Georgian House living room
The Georgian House double room
The Georgian House bedroom
View on the gardens from the Georgian House
East Molesey, Surrey KT8 9AU, United Kingdom
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