Hotel Basiliani - Historic & Rocky Matera With Contemporary BitsHotel  

Hotel Basiliani shows you the best of Italian comfort, with a distinctly modern edge. The hotel features cutting-edge new architecture, stylish minimalism with amazing outdoor views. Up to 4 people can stay in each room, and some rooms are caved, while others are lofts. Bathrooms have showers and tubs and some even have authentic cisterns.

Wi-Fi is included as well as a buffet breakfast of local food and a satellite flat-screen TV. The most amazing scenery comes at night as you overlook the Matera Sassi in Rione Casalnuovo and see the many lights — like life-sized candles they glow! While the décor is modern, part of the charm is how architecturally it mixes with ancient landmarks, limestone walls, wooden furniture, and many other contrasting features. The staff is multilingual and there is a free public car park for transportation to local sites. Some of the best sites to see in the neighborhood include the prehistoric caves of the Gravina Canyon District, as well as the Archaeological Park.

Type: Cave
Location: Matera  Italy  West Europe
Hotel Basiliani panorama
Hotel Basiliani during the day
Hotel Basiliani at night
Hotel Basiliani building
Entering the Hotel Basiliani
Hotel Basiliani dining in the evening
Hotel Basiliani dining place
Hotel Basiliani breakfast
Hotel Basiliani reception with seethrough glass floor
Hotel Basiliani cave room
Hotel Basiliani bathroom
Hotel Basiliani room
Hotel Basiliani cave bathroom
Hotel Basiliani design room
Hotel Basiliani terrace
Hotel Basiliani rooftop terrace with Matera view