Hotel Palafitte - Japanese Minimalism In Over-Water BungalowsHotel  

Hotel Palafitte takes Japanese minimalism and combines it with over-water bungalows from the South Pacific islands and places it all in the Swiss Alps. And not just anywhere in the Swiss Alps, in one of the best spots available in the converted Three Lakes region.

Contemporary hardwood floors and designer furnishing deck the rooms. There are video and music surround sound systems. You have a private balcony where you can enjoy breakfast watching the sunlight startle the water of the great lake. In ski-season, you can enjoy the Alpine piste and any number of mountainside activities available all year round. There are boats and kayaks to play with on the lake and a rich cultural history to explore in the towns and villages.

Hotel Palafitte
Sparkling water of Lake Neuchatel
Hotel Palafitte on the Lake Neuchatel
Hotel Palafitte bungalow with stairs to the lake
Hotel Palafitte bungalow exterior
Hotel Palafitte interior
Hotel Palafitte bathroom
Hotel Palafitte room with bath tub inside
Hotel Palafitte room with private terrace
Hotel Palafitte private terrace with lake view
Blurry terrace with the lake
Woman standing on the terrace of Hotel Palafitte
Hotel Palafitte restaurant
Hotel Palafitte table with view on the lake
Hotel Palafitte sunbathing on the terrace
Hotel Palafitte terrace at sunset
Route des Gouttes-d'Or 2, 2000 Neuchâtel, Switzerland