IceHotel – Nice Ice, BabyIceHotel  

Like the Fortress of Solitude in Superman minus the crystal-powered computer, the ICEHotel is built every winter in Swedish Lapland. It melts every summer and rises again the following year. An open call to artists, architects, and designers is always available, and the hotel pushes creativity forward with a selection of conceptual ‘art suites’.

You can choose from a Tron-inspired futuristic ice room or sleep on a bed that seems to float above an ethereal icy floor. It is also one of the best places to see the alien streamer-fest, the Northern Lights. There are special tours that run with guides to check that out. I have written about hundreds of the best hotels, but this is one of the most eco-friendly I have seen. The hotel is built from ice harvested from a frozen river. In summer, the ice is returned to its flowing mother, leaving no trace of the hotel. Its energy is sourced from 100% renewable sources, and it even sponsors wildlife conservation efforts under the brand ‘ICE Moose’.

The ice rooms are around -5ºC, and proper clothing and sleeping bags are provided. There are also several cabins with warm accommodation. So you will probably want to combine both in your stay. Morning saunas are essential.


IceHotel entrance in the 2010/2011 season

Photographer: Leif Milling


Absolut Icebar Jukkasjärvi

Photographer: Ben Nilsson/


Ice shots at the Icebar

Photographer: Ben Nilsson/

Ice shots

IceHotel Reception - Frosty Forest


ICEHOTEL Reception - Frosty Forest

Ice Chapel



Arktikos Suite

Photographer: Leif Milling

Arktikos IceHotel room

Freeze Frame Suite

Photographer: Christopher Hauser

Freeze Frame suite in Ice Hotel Sweden

Retro Drive Suite

Photographer: Leif Milling

Retro Drive IceHotel room

Frigid Dare Suite

Photographer: Leif Milling

Frigid Dare Ice Hotel room

Genesis Suite

Photographer: Leif Milling

Genesis ice hotel room

Between Worlds Suite

Photographer: Leif Milling

Suite: Between Worlds

Sakai Suite Suite

Photographer: Leif Milling

Sakai Suite ice room

Art Deco Suite

Photographer: Leif Milling

Art deco suite

Velocity & Hidden Treasure Suite


Velocity & Hidden Treasure ice room

Source of Life Suite


Source of Life ice hotel room

Coffee Mudra Suite


IceHotel room

Rock 'n' Ice Suite


IceHotel suite

And Yet She Moves Suite


And Yet She Moves IceHotel Suite
ICEHOTEL Restaurant
Ice dish
Ice soup
Ice caviar

Photo by: Peter Grant

Northern lights

Photo by: Ragnar Th Sigurdsson

Snowmobile in Swedish Lapland
Marknadsvägen 63, 981 91 Jukkasjärvi Sweden