Spitsbergen Ship In The Ice - The Only Ice-Bound Hotel Ship In The WorldShip  
in the Ice

A Ship in the Ice is just what it sounds like — a frozen ship in Tempel fjord, one surpassing 100 years of age and that has been remade into a very nice accommodation. Sure, they could probably thaw the ship out, but what’s the fun in that? It’s far more exciting to be aboard a historic ship, and so far the only ice-bound hotel ship in the world.

The setting is amazing to look at since you get to see grand views of Tempel Mountain while looking out the ship, as well as various Norway specialties—like polar bears, the northern lights, and real arctic wilderness. It might not be what the kids had in mind, but send them to Legoland Hotel so you can enjoy a unique polar adventure like no other! The hotel is just half the fun since you can arrange for snowmobiling trips, with courtesy warm clothing from the hotel. Like many arctic locations, seeing a dark wilderness with only a hint of sunlight behind the mountains is a surreal trip — the difference between night and day becomes confusing. Then, of course, you see the Northern Lights and it’s an amazing natural anomaly.

Besides all the adventure and sightseeing, you can also expect a provided breakfast, some touring of historic buildings and then a five-course meal after a full day’s fun. This may well be the closest you ever get to real wilderness (without actually risking your life on a science expedition!), so enjoy the experience!

Type: Boat   Ice
Spitsbergen Ship in the Ice

Tempelfjorden with a ship stuck in the ice

Spitsbergen Ship in the Ice hotel dining

Spitsbergen Ship dining

Spitsbergen Ship dried paprika

Spitsbergen Ship window

Getting off on the stairs of the Spitsbergen Ship

Dog in the box and Spitsbergen Ship in the background

Cute white dog in the box

Dog sledging on the ice of the fjord

Kid enjoying the sledging on the ice of the fjord

Climbing back to the docked boat

Po box 316, 9171 Longyearbyen, Norway