White Desert Antarctica - Welcome To Planet IceWhite Desert  

Meet the only luxury accommodation in Antarctica. Or actually, the only temporary lodge - out of season, its structures are dismantled without any human trace.

The White Desert is a unique experience package for the super-rich set to run between November and January, starting in 2022. Unfortunately, outside this short period, the strong winds create a hostile environment to stay in Antarctica.

The White Desert is the brainchild of Robyn and her husband, Patrick Woodhead. The polar explorer couple decided to invest their savings in one of the most revolutionary lodging concepts in the world.

Initially, they hosted scientists and polar explorers to discover the wonders of the interior of Antarctica. But now, the luxury eco-camp is open to adventure-seekers from all over the world with a staff of eighty people.

Landing Antarctica On A Gulfstream G550 Private Jet

You arrive at one of the most remote places on Earth by a private Gulfstream g550 airplane. After the landing on the icy strip of Wolf's Fang runway, you step out of the private jet to feel the strength of the sub-zero temperatures.

White Desert Antarctica's 4x4 Truck

The raw beauty of the Antarctican wilderness takes your breath away until you hear the roaring sound of the specially prepped 4x4-drive truck arriving to take you to your accommodation.

White Desert Antarctica Ice Lounge

White Desert Antarctica Ice Lounge Welcome Drinks

Once you arrive at a private lounge, your hosts will prepare you a martini with 10,000-year-old ice. Wonder what that tastes like!

White Desert Antarctica's Echo Sky Pods

The Echo camp is White Desert's newest, space-age addition with state-of-the-art spherical fiberglass "sky pods". From a distance, the cluster of dark silver capsules on the thick ice sheet looks like a camp on a faraway planet.

White Desert Antarctica's Futurictic Echo Capsules

The six futuristic pods are staggeringly luxurious for this part of the Earth.

White Desert Antarctica Echo Pod

Throughout your stay, experienced hosts and chefs will take care of your hunger for food and adventures alike.

White Desert Antarctica Echo Pod Interior

White Desert Antarctica Capsule Floor To Ceiling Windows Overlooking The Wilderness

Their interiors offer 5-star hotel comfort with a "2001: A Space Odyssey"-inspired design. Imagine being in a cabin that feels like a journey to an undiscovered planet while looking out the curved floor-to-ceiling windows onto a remote land of snow, ice, and rocks.

White Desert Antarctica Pod Bed

White Desert Antarctica Pod Interior

The space capsules feature photos taken by Terry Virts, a retired astronaut, who took these incredible shots while spending his time on the International Space Station (ISS).

White Desert Antarctica Pod Interior Details

And he is not the only astronaut to have visited the Antarctican resort. Buzz Aldrin stayed at the Whichaway Camp, the sand-colored pods of the White Desert built in phase one of the project.

White Desert Antarctica Echo Pod Sci-Fi Bathroom Door

Outdoor Brunch In Antarctica

You can also spend an adventurous night camping on the ice if the weather forecast indicates it's good to go.

Antarctica Hiking

Antarctica Fat Biking

There are countless excursions you can take part in. From walks through ice caves, hiking in the wilderness, ice climbing, skiing to fat bike riding.

Antarctica Queen Maud Land

And if all that sounds too boring, how about a visit to the South Pole, the southernmost point on Earth?

Antarctica Glacier

Antarctica Blue Ice

Antarctica Ice Cave Exploration

Emperor Penguin In The Atka Bay

During your stay, you will see a lot of wildlife, including the largest penguin species, the emperor penguin. You can visit Atka Bay to see the 28,000-strong emperor penguin colony.

Whichaway Camp

White Desert's first set of explorer pods is found at the Whichaway Camp.

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