Nellim Wilderness Hotel - Finnish Snow Safari Hotel With Glass-Domed CottagesNellim Wilderness  

When you think of a safari, your mind probably doesn’t immediately jump to Finland. Well, it’s got all it takes: unspoiled wilderness, scenic views, and wonderful wildlife. Only the form of transport perhaps isn’t what you’re imagining. So instead of a safari jeep, you’ll be traveling around on a snowmobile or in a husky sled. Sounds even better to me!

Nellim Wilderness Hotel certainly delivers on the wild aspect. Located in Northern Lapland, the hotel complex is surrounded by pristine Finnish nature. The accommodation options include classic rooms and suites in the hotel, cozy log cabins, and... Aurora bubbles. The bubbles are the most sought-after variant: these private cottages feature giant glass domes where you can spot the Aurora right from your bed!

If your dream is to see the Northern Lights, you’ve come to the right place. There are several Aurora spotting tours at Nellim: Northern Light hunting on a snowmobile, snowshoeing the woods at night, camping out on the frozen lake (where the sightings are most common), or a private Aurora safari in a heated sled. The day activities include yet more snow and freezing temperatures. In addition, there’s ice fishing, reindeer farm visit, and frozen lake husky safari. So bring every single warm piece of clothing you own and enjoy!

Type: Igloo   Nature
Location: Nellim  Finland  East Europe
Nellim Wilderness Hotel main building
Nellim Wilderness Hotel restaurant
Nellim Wilderness Hotel wooden building
Nellim Wilderness Hotel wooden bedroom
Traditional wooden Finnish sauna
Nellim Wilderness Hotel igloos
Nellim Wilderness Hotel igloo in the summer
Nellim Wilderness Hotel igloo interior
Nellim Wilderness Hotel Aurora Bubble
Nellim Wilderness Hotel igloo Northern Lights view from the room
Inside the bubble at the Nellim Wilderness Hotel
Lapland lakes
Lapland lake Northern Lights
Lapland Northern Lights
Nellimintie 4230, 99860 Nellim, Finland