Iglupark - Tallinn's Quirky IgloosIglupark  

The Finns' beloved passion of spending their free time sweating in wooden huts above 200 Fahrenheit (90°C) is something they share with their Estonian brothers. The Iglupark is a unique concept in the hippest part of Tallinn, where life circles around saunas.

Iglupark is a new project consisting of three main elements; igluoffice, iglusaunas, and iglucabins.

Unlike traditional igloos, these are built of wood shingles, not ice. But you can still pretend to be Inuit if you want, without the need to hunt for walruses. Instead, you can visit one of the many great nearby eateries in this vibrant part of the city.

The mix of connectedness to nature, creativity, functionality, and love of the sauna is typical of the Estonian lifestyle. Iglupark thus offers its visitors a unique opportunity to experience Tallinn like a local.

Type: Igloo
Location: Tallinn  Estonia  East Europe
Iglupark From Above

Iglupark Wooden Igloos At Night

Iglupark is in the heart of Noblessner Marina, the harbor district of Tallinn, where you can have fancy drinks with a view of the Baltic sea or rent a yacht.

Iglupark Hotel During Winter

The stylish seaside urban area is perfect for relaxing after a long day out visiting Tallinn's sights.


Igluoffice Interior

The office for rent offers a space for five to be creative throughout the day, and there is an additional meeting room that fits ten people simultaneously.


The cozy Iglucabins are a stone's throw away from the Baltic Sea's gently crashing waves and offer panoramic views through its large windows.

Igluhut Interior

The large and comfy bed also has a view of the sea, and there is a stylish Scandinavian-style kitchenette and kitchen nook.

Iglusauna Area

If you prefer to spend time outside, the cabins have a private terrace with woven chairs where you can sip on a quality wine during sunsets.

Iglupark Saunas

Iglupark Sauna Inside

Iglupark Noblessner does not have a traditional spa facility but instead five newly inaugurated saunas with space for ten people located directly next to the sea.

Iglusauna View

Resting After Sauna

Beer After A Session At The Iglusauna

Iglupark Cold Water Bucket

Iglupark Seaside View

Jump To The Baltic Sea After The Sauna At The Iglupark

Iglupark Baltic Sea Panorama

Iglupark Fireplace

Iglupark Seaside Chill

Iglupark Dining

Lennusadama 7, 10415 Tallinn, Estonia