PODhouse - Wooden Huts In The Foothills Of The AlpsPODhouse  

A veritable paradise for campers, Atzmännig is nestled in the foothills of the Alps, making it the perfect point to begin several different hikes and excursions in the region. The campgrounds provide affordable lodging year-round.

The campground prides itself on its impeccably clean washing and showering facilities which were designed with campers’ comfort in mind. Even during the winter months, guests are sure to stay warm in the PODhouses which makes you feel as if you are staying in a real igloo. Constructed from wood, these permanent structures can sleep up to six people, provide electricity, and are well insulated from the cold even on the bitterest days. There is even a special fireplace in each structure and enough wood provided for any barbecue.

Guests are sure to enjoy creature comforts even though they are surrounded by nature. It is conveniently located close to Lake Zürich and tons of great hiking trails in the area. It is also in close proximity to the enchanting medieval town of Rapperswil, which is home to its own castle. During the winter months, it is the perfect getaway for skiers since you are surrounded by ski slopes. There is a fun park for children to enjoy toboggan runs and a rope adventure course. There are numerous eating options in the immediate area of the campgrounds. You don’t need to spend a fortune for the ultimate ski vacation in the Alps. Guests can enjoy the spectacular scenery and outdoor activities without sacrificing comfort since the PODhouses have everything you could possibly need.

Type: Igloo   Nature
PODhouse in the winter
PODhouse Atzmännig
PODhouse terrace dining
PODhouse exterior in the night
PODhouse interior
Wooden hut
Wooden hut with fireplace in the middle to cook
Sportbahnen Atzmännig AG, 8638 Goldingen, Switzerland