Hayema Heerd - Dutch IgloosHayema  

Located on a Dutch farm, this B&B is themed around the straw. Sleep in the hayloft on the world’s most luxurious straw bed with plenty of comforters, covers, and pillows. The rest of the decoration is fairy-tale themed guaranteed to make you feel like a princess; there are chandeliers, cow skin rugs, and castle chairs, and when you sit at the dining table, you will have sweeping views of the grounds with the cavorting bunnies, elves, and dwarfs (you may have to use your imagination for the last two).

Or you can sleep in a unique straw igloo. The igloo has comfy furnishings, a double bed, and a minibar. The roof is a glass dome giving you views of the star-strewn night sky. Presumably, naked flames are seriously discouraged in all straw properties. Of course, there are plenty of attractions for you to busy yourself with during that day, making this the perfect family getaway.

Type: Igloo   Nature
Hayema Heerd yurts at sunrise

Hayema Heerd yurts

Hayema Heerd igloo interior

Hayema Heerd igloo bed

Hayema Heerd

Hayema Heerd barn with beds


Bed in the barn

Hayema Heerd barn

View from the bed

Fairytale bed


Green igloos

Jensemaweg 3, 9883 TH Oldehove, Netherlands ‎