Accommodation types: Underwater
Location: Key Largo  USA  North America
Jules' Undersea Lodge - Retro-Futuristic Underwater Living
Undersea Lodge

An entire two-bedroom apartment was placed under the sea, attached to the seabed by leg structures in a protected lagoon. It's named after Jules Verne to honor him for his masterpiece book, "Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea." Inside, there are three windows in total, two in each bedroom and one in the living room, where you can enjoy the view of the marine life whilst munching on a pizza that they delivered to you. That's correct; guests of Jules' Undersea Lodge will need to do some paperwork to be allowed to stay under the water, as well as telling the staff what kind of pizza you like.

Entering the underwater habitat, you'll have to dive into the wet room. This is where you'll drop your gear and get a nice and hot shower before continuing your way to the living area. The interior design is retro-futuristic, with all kinds of gadgets from the 80s and 90s. There is a DVD collection, but you are more likely to gaze at angelfish through the 42 inches round windows. A command center is connected to the undersea lodge to check on the oxygen, water, and power levels to ensure everything is okay. Airconditioning keeps a pleasant temperature inside at all times.

The 24-hour service at Jules' Undersea Lodge is not exactly as you are used to in a hotel. This is because the in-room service has to deliver through the seawater. There is even a chef who dives into your accommodation and prepares the food in the kitchen for you upon request. Dr. Neil Monney and ocean explorer Mr. Ian Koblick are the masterminds behind this fantastic project.

Jules' Undersea Lodge Sign
Jules' Undersea Lodge Retro-Futuristic Interior
Jules' Undersea Lodge Living Room
Jules' Undersea Lodge Office
Jules' Undersea Lodge Eating Pizza
Jules' Undersea Lodge Bedroom With A Round Window
Jules' Undersea Lodge Window
Jules' Undersea Lodge Divers
Jules' Undersea Lodge Merchandise Shop
Retro-Futuristic Drawing Of Jules' Undersea Lodge
51 Shoreland Dr, Key Largo, FL 33037, United States
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