Accommodation types: Luxury   Villa
Location: Positano  Italy  West Europe
Le Sirenuse Hotel – Glamour With Nice CurtainsSirenuse  

This 18th Century villa is still privately owned by the Sersale family who opened their summer house as a hotel in 1951. It was just about the time the Positano region of Italy was growing as a tourist destination thanks, in no small part, to John Steinbeck remarking in an essay published in 1953, ‘Positano bites deep. It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone’.

The hotel has a beautiful vantage point overlooking a steep decline dotted with village houses to the beach and marina. It consistently comes in the top 10 European hotels in the World Traveler Awards and its Michelin starred restaurant will serve you a meal you will not forget. This family-run hotel will happily organize your excursions to see the petrified inhabitants of Pompeii or maybe lounging on a private boat or yacht is more your thing.

There are exclusive artisan products available from the boutique shop in the lobby and the spa is designed by Gae Aulenti who took time out from designing contemporary art museums in Paris to help create this unique spa space.

Positano, Italy
Le Sirenuse Hotel exterior
Le Sirenuse Hotel
Le Sirenuse Hotel interior with vintage paintings on the wall
Vintage furniture in Le Sirenuse Hotel
Italian vintage furniture
Le Sirenuse Hotel bar
Le Sirenuse Hotel spa entrance
Le Sirenuse Hotel restaurant
Le Sirenuse Hotel restaurant with view on Positano
Le Sirenuse Hotel bedroom
Le Sirenuse Hotel vintage room
Le Sirenuse Hotel room with terrace
Le Sirenuse Hotel suite with bathroom inside the room
Le Sirenuse Hotel bathroom
Sirenuse room with terrace
Dining on the terrace at Le Sirenuse Hotel
View from the terrace on Positano in Le Sirenuse Hotel
Le Sirenuse Hotel terrace restaurant
Sirenuse restaurant
Dining on the terrace of Le Sirenuse Hotel with view on Positano
Dining in the evening on the terrace at Le Sirenuse Hotel
White terrace of Le Sirenuse Hotel
Classy woman drinking wine on the terrace of Le Sirenuse Hotel
Le Sirenuse Hotel swimming pool and facade details
At the swimming pool of Le Sirenuse Hotel
Relaxing at the swimming pool of Le Sirenuse Hotel
Le Sirenuse Hotel swimming pool in the evening
Le Sirenuse Hotel terrace with view on Positano
Window to Positano
View on Positano and the Mediterranean sea from above
Rocks of the Mediterranean sea in Positano
Yachting in Positano
Arriving on a boat to Positano in Italy
Via C Colombo 30, Positano, Italy
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