Casona Sforza - State-Of-The-Art Villas In Mexico's Surfers ParadiseCasona Sforza  

The state-of-the-art architecture of Casona Sforza invites adults (only) to an elegantly minimalist getaway at a secluded beach of Southern Puerto Escondido. Alberto Kalach, architect and mastermind behind the design, created an inspirational set of buildings with millenary and bio construction techniques. The pretty and functional antiseismic arches can withstand the effects of earthquakes. Furthermore, these tunnel-like structures will let the fresh ocean air flow throughout its elegant spaces to fill your lungs with healing oxygen and your mind with positivity.

Ezequiel Ayarza Sforza, owner, and creator of the project, dreamt up this place a decade before its official opening at the end of 2020. A great deal of respect goes to maintaining millennial traditions and giving back to the local communities. In fact, all profits are injected into community-based projects.

The 11 suites at this boutique casa feature cozy interiors with neutral colors and natural textures. Furniture is made of local wood, and there are handmade ceramics and cosmetics. Sea-view, private pool, and hot tub are the particular quirks you can request for your room.

Puerto Escondido is a coastal town in one of the poorest states of Mexico, Oaxaca. But, as a golden rule of traveling, this fact shouldn't deter you from traveling. Open-minded people will find a hidden gem in this fascinating part of the country. Puerto Escondido is famous for its big waves and scenic sunsets along its beaches, with surfers enjoying the last moments of the day.


Photos by Alex Krotkov

The state-of-the-art architecture of Casona Sforza

Casona Sforza Arches Aerial View

Casona Sforza Seafront Villas

Casona Sforza Oval Pool

Casona Sforza Corridor

Casona Sforza Wooden Terrace

Casona Sforza Suite

Casona Sforza Suite Bedroom

Casona Sforza Bathroom

Casona Sforza Bedroom Pool View

Casona Sforza Private Pool Suite

Casona Sforza Suite Pool

Casona Sforza Balcony Hammock

The most lavish suite boasts 54 m2 (581 ft2) of space on the top floor with a panoramic balcony equipped with a hot tub. In this kind of environment, perfect sunset evenings are guaranteed!

Casona Sforza Hotel Private Hot Tub On The Balcony

Casona Sforza Communal Space

Casona Sforza Lounge

Casona Sforza Lounge At Night

Restaurante Sforza focuses on traditional Mexican cuisine and food based on insects and flowers. Yes, you've read that right. The restaurant's chef is a member of the worldwide chef's federation of chefs, and his specialty is ancestral traditions and local produce, including crawlies.

Casona Sforza Restaurant

Casona Sforza Pool Bar

Casona Sforza Pool

Casona Sforza Swimming Pool

Beachside Chill Hut

Beachside Chill Hut Interior

La barra Santa MarĂ­a Colotepec, 70934 Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico