LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły - Dali-Inspired Loft In Central WarsawLoftHotel  
Sen Pszczoły

Ever wanted to jump right into a Salvador Dali painting? Sen Pszczoly in Warsaw might be as close as it gets. Inspired by the famous Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bee, this loft hotel recreates the surreal, dreamlike and outlandish atmosphere of Dali’s paintings.

Each room is different so prepare yourself for surprises. The interiors are minimalist, raw, and modern, with miss-matched designer furniture and giant graphics on the walls. A belly button wallpaper or a dentist’s chair at the coffee table? Nothing is impossible in a dream.

Sen Pszczoly might be an out-of-this-world concept, but it certainly is easy to find on the map. Located 800 meters away from the train station and in close proximity to tram and bus stops, it serves as a good base for exploring Warsaw. If you’re a fan of design, you’ll enjoy the post-industrial food court, Hala Koszyki, and the historic Constitution Square, both right next to the hotel.

Type: Art
Location: Warsaw  Poland  East Europe
LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły building in Piekna street in Warsaw
LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły kitchen and lounge
LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły elevators
LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły zebra room
LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły butterfly room
LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły lips design room
LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły bamboo room
Giant belly button on the wall
LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły gold fish room
LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły hospital theme room
LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły hospital themed bedroom
LoftHotel Sen Pszczoły zebra themed room
Piękna 66A, 00-672 Warszawa, Poland