Monte Pacis - Lithuanian 17th-Century Monastery HotelMonte  

The Monte Pacis in the Lithuanian town of Kaunas was founded in the Pažaislis monastery ensemble. It was built in the XVII century by GDL Chancellor Kristupas Zigmantas Pacas who called it the Mountain of Peace, which is the literal translation of "Monte Pacis". Today it serves as a four-star hotel.

The massive courtyard, surrounded by trees, welcomes you to the woody sanctuary. It was originally built for Camaldolese monks in the 1600s and to this day much of the original construction and architecture remains. Inside, there are three parts to the establishment, one for public events and the others for accommodation and services. The construction of the place is impressive, with its old-world window shutters and oak furniture, as well as canopy beds and heated floors.

This is a hotel that sacrifices grandiose décor, but the comfort level is still high-end. The most interesting rooms are theme rooms dedicated to former guests of the monastery and while they are ascetically designed, they still offer great views of the natural backdrop. Although you’re living “modestly” you can expect perks like mini-bars, Wi-Fi, bathrobes, and marble bathroom showers. This is a wonderful cultural attraction in addition to its comforts.

Monte Pacis and Neman river

Hotel Monte Pacis

Hotel Monte Pacis building and terrace at night

Hotel Monte Pacis historical interior with ancient paintings on the wall

Hotel Monte Pacis monastery interior

Hotel Monte Pacis restaurant

Lithuanian waiters and waitresses

Hotel Monte Pacis dining

Hotel Monte Pacis apartment

Hotel Monte Pacis bedroom

Tito Masiulio gatvė 31, T. Masiulio gatvė 31, Kaunas 52436, Lithuania