Old West Temecula - Westworld But Without RobotsOld West  

Welcome to a picture-perfect Western film set where you can pretend to be the Sheriff. Or the saloon owner who sets the prices of the goods. Or a banker that owns shiny gold bars in a classic vault. The cowboy town is all yours!

But, if you are like me, without much motivation for power, you can grab a cold drink and play pool, head outdoors to gorge on freshly grilled food, and jump to the jacuzzi to cool down in the Californian heat.

What to do around Temecula Wine County? First and foremost, wine tasting. There are numerous wineries nearby, such as Wilson Creek Winery, rated #1 in Temecula Wine Country. It offers fine dining, too, to complement the excellent wines.

Head downtown to see some fine examples of the Mission Revival architectural style. And if you are lucky to be there at the right time, the city hosts jazz, balloon, and painting festivals.

If you are in the mood for some more Western action, the hotel staff can organize horseback riding.

Type: Heritage   Jail
Location: Temecula  USA  North America
Old West Temecula

The Western town consists of the main house, a saloon, a bank, and the Sheriff's jail.

Old West Temecula Wild West Replica

The attention to detail is impressive. Hence the 5-acre ranch of the Old West Temecula managed to serve as an old western town film set for countless commercial shoots.

Old West Temecula At Night

Old West Temecula Main Home

The main house adorned with western replicas and traditional artifacts features a Western-style garden with cacti and an outdoor grill.

Old West Temecula Main Home Outdoor Grill

Old West Temecula Main Home Kitchen

Inside you'll find a 60-inch flatscreen TV, a full-size kitchen, three bedrooms, and two bathrooms.

Old West Temecula Main Home Bedroom

Old West Temecula Main Home Bathroom

Old West Temecula Bank Of The West

The Bank of the West stands as an authentic replica of the American Old West.

Old West Temecula Bank Of The West Cashier

It's where you can pose with money bags and pretend to have committed a bank heist.

Old West Temecula Bank Of The West Bedroom

Old West Temecula Sheriff's Jail Exterior

Are you into role-play? You can become the new Sheriff in town and lock up outlaws in the authentic Western jail cell. Or yourself.

Old West Temecula Sheriff's Jail Wanted Poster

Old West Temecula Sheriff's Jail Interior

Old West Temecula Sheriff's Jail Cell

The bed is definitely way comfier than any bandit has ever experienced after being caught.

Old West Temecula Saloon

The authentic two-story Western Saloon is fitted with poker tables, an antique Brunswick pool table, antique piano, a large bar, and a large terrace upstairs overlooking the whole property.

Old West Temecula Saloon Bar And Pool Table

The Old West Temecula is like Westworld but without robots.

Old West Temecula Saloon Stairs

They have a self-playing piano in the Saloon. How freaky is that!

Old West Temecula Saloon Rooftop Terrace

The outdoor deck on the second floor is a perfect spot to enjoy a glass of wine, with a beautiful view of the Temecula Wine Valley.

Old West Temecula Saloon Terrace View

Old West Temecula Outdoor Grill

Old West Temecula Outdoor Jacuzzi

The huge jacuzzi is a great place to hang out, while the large fire pit calls for a memorable night with grilled food and all-night laughter.

Old West Temecula Pond

Outside there is a cute pond with fish swimming around, and you can lay next to it on a hammock in serenity.

Old West Temecula Church and Nativity

The Wild West theme wouldn't be complete without a church and nativity scene, and a gold mine.

Old West Temecula Gold Mine

Old West Temecula Gold Mine Cart

Glen Oaks Rd, Temecula, CA 92592, United States