Barabas Hotel - Behind Prison Bars In LucerneBarabas  

The central prison of Lucerne was built in 1862 and operated until 1998. This historic building was recently repurposed, allowing you to stay in one of the 60 prison cell rooms.

The hotel got its name after Barabas, a brave pacifist man who refused military service, and as a result, he was thrown in jail.

During his long stay, he painted frescoes of everything he missed from his life when he was a free man. You can still find Barabas' wall art in Switzerland's first jailhouse hotel.

Type: Jail
Barabas Hotel Historic Building
Barabas Hotel Reception
Barabas Luzern Prison Hotel Self Check In
Barabas Hotel Lounge Table Football

Colorful wall art decorates the prison hotel, painted by Barabas, the former pacifist prisoner.

Barabas Hotel Wall Art
Prison Cell Hotel Rooms

The former cells are now comfy rooms with proper mattresses.

Barabas Hotel Prison Corridor

Budget-friendly triple and quadruple rooms with bunk beds are available for backpackers.

Barabas Hotel Twin Room

There are also the standard single and twin rooms, except they look nothing like ordinary hotel rooms with small windows and security bars.

Barabas Hotel Bunk Bed Room

There is no escaping from here, at least not through the windows! The most special accommodation is the Superior Cell.

Barabas Hotel Hostel Room With 6 Bunk Beds

These are former interrogation, visitor rooms, and the director's office converted into premium rooms.

Barabas Hotel Indoor Balcony

Superior Cell Room

Barabas Hotel Superior Cell Room

If you happen to forget to bring your favorite book with you, fear not, the prison, I mean the hotel has its library with a nice collection of crime novels.

Barabas Hotel Double Room With Books
Barabas Luzern Garden

The former prison's courtyard is now home to cozy deck chairs and lanterns encompassed by the greenery planted on the walls.

Barabas Hotel Courtyard

Only the prison windows staring at you will remind you of the grim past of this place.

Barabas Hotel Courtyard Greenery
Barabas Hotel Courtyard Deck Chairs

Izakaya Nozomi Restaurant

Restaurant Izakaya Nozomi Bar

Forget about prison food; Hotel Barabas has a top-notch Japanese restaurant. Izakaya Nozomi is styled as a village ryokan and follows the high-quality dining traditions of its origin country.

Restaurant Izakaya Nozomi Luzern

After a few glasses of sake, you might want to try some fun games. You'll find a table-soccer table, a billiard table, and darts in the hotel's lounge.

Restaurant Izakaya Nozomi Japanese Interior
Restaurant Izakaya Nozomi Japanese Food

Are you planning to go out for a walk to discover Lucerne? Hotel Barabas is right in the old town close to the Reuss River and Lake Lucerne.

Restaurant Izakaya Nozomi Terrace
Löwengraben 18, 6004 Luzern, Switzerland