SleepIn Faengslet - Authentic Prison Life In DenmarkSleepIn  

Fancy sleeping behind bars for a night? Ever wonder what it truly feels like to be an inmate? The SleepIn Fængslet (Fængslet = jail) in Denmark can finally put to rest your curiosities! Situated in a prison’s old, sick ward (the last inmate left in 2006), the building has been renovated, but the authenticity of prison life remains. With graffiti intact on the walls from past inhabitants and original working radios, each of the 22 rooms provides a unique experience for those willing to stay.

The rooms don’t have showers or toilets; they are located in the halls. All rooms have bunk beds and can accommodate up to four people.

Don’t worry; guests have more choices for nourishment than bread and water. While breakfast is not included, Café Lorentzen is a lovely decorated space for those who wish to grab a bite -- and the windows here don’t have bars!

Some of the old penitentiary facilities – the prison workshops, the gathering hall, the gym – are available for rental for meetings, conferences, or parties. According to the hotel’s website, the SleepIn Fængslet is considered a “socio-economic business and profits are channeled into other activities and happenings in prison.” Travelers can also take tours of the prison and check out the Prison Museum to learn more about the history.

Type: Hostel   Jail
Location: Horsens  Denmark  West Europe
SleepIn Fængslet
Horsens State Prison
SleepIn Fængslet prison hotel building
SleepIn Fængslet prison hostel interior
SleepIn Fængslet jail cell
SleepIn Fængslet jail room with bunk beds
SleepIn Fængslet room
SleepIn Fængslet room at night
SleepIn Fængslet room at night with bunk beds
SleepIn Fængslet bathroom
SleepIn Fængslet bedroom
SleepIn Fængslet concert
Fussingsvej 8, 8700 Horsens, Denmark